How are you Managing with Your Landlord?


Fitness Industry Canada conducted an informal survey this week for feedback on how club operators are managing with their landlords.  While many club operators have been able to achieve temporary rent relief, some have had difficulty seeking accommodations or have been advised outright that payments are expected on time. Furthermore, landlords who are making exceptions […]

Podcast: Packaging Online Options


This Podcast by Nick Corneil, Founder/CEO of Trainer Plus, provides information for fitness professionals about strategies to engage members and clients for fitness programming through mobile.  The episode explores different ways you can package your services, from free options to in-person virtual training, in order to provide viable options for clients. With so many changes happening […]

Technogym is looking for the stars of its new training videos

Technogym begins the selection of personal trainers who will be involved in the creation of new training content for the Technogym digital platform. Are you a certified trainer and do you think to have the skills to become a Technogym presenter? The company is looking for skills, ability to motivate and charisma. The trainer will […]

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