#PracticeSafeFitness – A Positive Social Campaign for the Fitness Industry


Fitness facility operators are dedicated to the health and wellness of their staff and clients. As a FIC member or FitBizWeekly subscriber, you represent that sanitization and safety are of the utmost importance in your facility. As such, we want to ensure that all your positive efforts are publicly represented.  We encourage you to join […]

The New Normal: Operating Your Health Club During a Pandemic


Fitness industry expert on standards, Paul Eigenmann, sat down with us to discuss how clubs can operate most effectively during and after a global outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the health and fitness industry in countless ways. Government closures of fitness facilities, mask mandates, and strict social distancing requirements—to name a few—have dramatically changed […]

The Future of Fitness: Dr. Greg Wells – Beyond the Limitations of COVID

The Future of Fitness: Dr. Greg Wells¬ - Beyond the Limitations of COVID

Nick Corneil is the founder and CEO of Trainer Plus and a board member with the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FICC). In this video and podcast, Corneil speaks with Dr. Greg Wells, a respiratory wellness scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, CEO and founder of Wells Performance and former Director of Sports and […]

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