Doctor Says Gyms Can Prevent COVID-19 & Lessen the Impact

Doctor Says Gyms Can Prevent COVID-19 & Lessen the Impact

Health is of the utmost importance to the health and fitness industry. Throughout the pandemic, the focus of the industry has been to provide people with ways to be active while clubs were shut down. Then, the focus shifted to the institution of stringent safeguards to minimize risk to reopen and stay open. Yet despite […]

Leading and Lagging Indicators Help Your Business Grow

Leading and Lagging Indicators Help Your Business Grow

If you’re working toward a goal, then you need to measure your progress. That’s true whether you’re a gym owner trying to grow your business or, say, a fitness client trying to lose weight. And in both cases, it’s helpful to use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to see how you’re doing and make necessary adjustments. […]

5 Powerful Phrases for Difficult Discussions


Do you ever come up with your best responses an hour after a conversation has ended? Do you ever say to yourself “I wish I would have said…” or “I wish I wouldn’t have said…”? Do you ever get tongue-tied when you are put on the spot? If you can relate to any of these […]

8 Fundamentals Your Fitness Business Needs to Address


With the new economy and uncertain consumer behaviors unfolding, as a business operator, you simply cannot be lacking in any of these areas!  Bringing you’re A-game has never been more important than it is today.  Identifying and addressing these 8 fundamentals will separate your business from the competition and determine the strength of your brand. […]

Club Automation Announces Canadian Expansion

Club Automation

Club Automation, part of the Daxko family of brands, is expanding into Canada. Founded by Jeff VanDixhorn, a club owner and Club Automation’s Chief Revenue Officer, Club Automation offers health and wellness facilities a broad continuum of club management solutions. These solutions and services include member-based solutions, CRM, digital marketing, payment processing, business intelligence data, […]

FitBizWeekly Q&A: Reputation of the Industry


FitBizWeekly reaches out to fitness industry professionals for guidance on common issues and opportunities.  FBW: From a public perception/reputational standpoint, is it sufficient for the fitness industry to maintain status quo or does more need to be done in the COVID-19 era? Nick Corneil, Founder/CEO TRAINER + responds: “I think the fitness industry not only […]

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