Fitness Industry Canada Rapid Response Plan

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In Canada, it is required that any place of business that is allowed to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic must prevent the risk of transmission and infection to co-workers and the public, provide for a rapid response if a worker or member of the public develops symptoms of illness while at the place of work, […]

The 5-Step Process for Building A Referral System

The 5-Step Process for Building A Referral System

Everybody wants leads, but most independent gym owners are missing a golden source right in front of them: referrals that are highly valuable and mostly pre-qualified. Too many fitness pros take a passive approach to gaining referrals from clients, employees, and other contacts.  “If you know anybody who needs help with training, tell them to […]

IHRSA Innovation Summit, Thursday September 17, 2020


The IHRSA Innovation Summit is almost here! Make sure to reserve your spot today for only $99! register here Now is the time to come together with the best minds in the industry to innovate, connect, and thrive in the new economy.   *Not a member? Join and receive a complementary Innovation Summit registration for […]

Health Clubs Are Valuable, Policymakers Need to Make Changes

Health Clubs Are Valuable, Policymakers Need to Make Changes

Some health and fitness clubs in the U.S. have been closed since March. One doctor believes it’s time that policymakers see—once and for all—how important clubs are to overall health. To counter the misconceptions and negative news—and mark health clubs as essential businesses—IHRSA is meeting with medical experts to get their view on the matter. […]

Five Steps to Deal with Leadership Uncertainty


Leaders are often expected to have all the answers. Not only is this an expectation shared by many, it is regularly self-imposed. If you do not have the answer to a leadership challenge, you may possibly feel inadequate or uncertain and vulnerable. None of these emotions feels good, and are often frowned upon in the […]