A Fitness Industry in Flux: Four Tips for Embracing Disruption

OTF Coach

When we used to think about an Orangetheory Fitness Canada (OTF) workout, you could count on a unique trifecta of science, coaching and technology, amidst a sea of our signature orange branding. But there’s no doubt that the prevailing global pandemic has disrupted the fitness industry. Being no stranger to innovation, we’ve learned – and […]

Why Gyms Need Active Aging Programs to Rebuild Membership


The industry must broaden its service proposition. It’s time to aggressively court the older generation. Throughout the travails of the last year, two certainties have emerged: the future of the health club industry is closely tied to increasing inclusivity, and clubs need to strengthen their alliance with wellness and healthcare. These are not new concepts. […]

Does Your Corporate Culture Get All A’s?

corporate culture

The proactive process to shape the team culture you want It’s an instant gratification world where people/employees/leaders want things to change immediately. They want progress to be a flip of a switch. They want the easy button. Every leader, team and organization wants to snap their fingers and magically arrive at their desired outcomes. However, […]

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

September Coaches Corner: Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

We asked some of our Fitness Revolution Success Coaches two questions about moving into the online space. Every day, they talk to independent gym owners across the country and share their combined decades of experience in guiding them to success. Here’s a look at their answers.  Now, more than ever, identifying what you need to […]