Conquering Technology: Adapt or Perish

Embracing a Digital Strategy

Embracing a Digital Strategy Joseph Schumpeter, a renowned economist from the 1940’s, said “Creative Destruction is the essential fact about capitalism”. He went on to say that Creative Destruction is the consequence of economic and cultural storms that upend the status quo and require business leaders to adapt and evolve quickly to the “new normal.” […]

Marketing To One A Key To Your Success?

Marketing To One A Key To Your Success?

You know your marketing message is one of the best ways to get your message in front of others—especially the people you want to attract into your gym. But when you’re marketing, it’s better to focus your message on one person—as opposed to a large group of people. This allows for a stronger, clearer, and […]

SportsArt’s Energy-Producing Gym Equipment Powers Electric Vehicles in the UK through GRIDSERVE Partnership, as Gas Stations are Redefined by the Electric Industry

SportsArt’s Energy-Producing Gym Equipment Powers Electric Vehicles

Two eco-companies unite to bring the convenience and amenities of a gas station to electric car drivers looking to charge their vehicle in all-new ways   SportsArt, a green fitness brand that develops sustainable gym equipment, announced recently its partnership with GRIDSERVE, an international sustainable energy business based in the UK that powers communities through […]

Cut Commercial Heating and Cooling Bills 5 Easy Steps to Stay in Control

cut commercial bills

Aaron owns and operates a 10,000-square-foot light commercial business building. He has been very unhappy with his skyrocketing utility bills. He isn’t sure what to do about it, but he’d love to do SOMETHING as they are keeping him from salting away funds for much-needed expansion. His friend Mark, meanwhile, another local business owner, shows […]