Understanding Ventilation, COVID-19 Spread, & Your Gym


Good ventilation and air conditioning in sports, fitness, health clubs, and aquatics facilities can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. Here’s what you can do to make sure your members and staff are safe and comfortable. The author of this article, Paul Hackett, is a chartered safety & health practitioner and OSHCR registered consultant […]

The 12% Marketing Investment Formula

The 12% Marketing Investment Formula

The majority of independent gyms are underinvesting in marketing. And because of this, they are getting left behind as boutique franchises buy up market share with their corporate branding campaigns AND large local marketing budgets. According to CMO Survey by Duke University, Deloitte Consulting, & the American Marketing Association, the average service business spends 12% […]

Toronto Clubs Unite for Community Impact

Sweat together

Toronto based fitness professional, Andy Hvizd, along with Made to Sweat Co. will present Sweat Together Toronto on Saturday, February 20, 2021, at 9:30am ET, featuring Toronto’s Sweat and Tonic, Cambridge Group of Clubs, 10XTO, Totum Life Science and Barry’s Bootcamp, in support of Stella’s Place and Urban Squash Toronto. With a target of 1000 […]

Teaming Up for Takeoff: Six Strategies That Are Out of This World

Teaming Up for Takeoff

Six men and I sat atop four and a half million pounds of explosives waiting for the fuse to be lit to begin our flight on the Space Shuttle Discovery.  We knew that for the next seven days our lives would depend on our acting synergistically.  If anything went awry during the flight, if we […]