The Power of Business Resiliency


As we approach the one-year mark since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I find myself overwhelmed thinking about how much the fitness industry has endured. From local boutique studios to country-wide chains, the pandemic has brought countless obstacles. The sad reality is that many great businesses lost the battle and closed doors. This tumultuous […]

Fit Pros: Are You Ready To Relaunch?

Are You Ready To Relaunch?

Fitness facilities are slowly reopening from coast to coast, and with everything in place to keep staff and clients safe we’re hopeful they will stay open. Are you ready to relaunch? Have you revised your products and services? Your pricing? We need to be incredibly well prepared to serve the clients who will be coming […]

Antaris/MTS Launches Innovative Digital Guest Passes for Fitness Industry


Antaris Technologies, in partnership with Merchant Treasury Services, has announced the launch of the industry’s first truly comprehensive Digital Guest Pass solution for Canadian fitness clubs to cost-effectively target former members and acquire new ones. The Antaris/MTS Digital Guest Pass is the culmination of extensive collaboration between the IT team, fitness management team and clients […]

How to Sustain Flexible Thinking and Nimble Action

decision making

To survive the pandemic, companies were forced to adapt very quickly to radically new circumstances.  Even large organizations – where it’s typically difficult to shift directions quickly – managed to accomplish it.  Leaders discovered that, when required, their organization could act much more quickly and nimbly than they normally do. So, the obvious questions are […]

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