Lobbying from B.C. FIC Trade Association Continues to Pay Off

BC FIC pay off

Club owners across the country continue the fight to save their businesses Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s (FIC) British Columbia Provincial Coalition continues to see success as it further builds its relationship with its provincial government officials and public health department. The not-for-profit trade association, which represents the voice of fitness facility operators in B.C. […]

Get More Clients. The Secret to Marketing your Fitness Business.

Get More Clients. The Secret to Marketing your Fitness Business.

If you’ve ever wanted to get more clients through social media marketing, then you’re reading the right article. You’re about to discover which social media platform is right for you and get a 7-day marketing plan. The good news is that this method works even if you don’t have a degree in marketing. Or if […]

Help for the Horrible Hybrid Meeting: Five Ailments and Remedies

Five Ailments and Remedies

Some people are in the office, some are home, others are on the road, and they’re all part of the same meeting. Who is looking forward to this hybrid get-together? Nobody, absolutely no one. What makes these blended meetings so bad? A lot of the same factors that cause in-person confabs to go south plus […]

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