Fitness Refocus: 10 Lessons We Learned in 2021

Fitness refocus: 10 lessons we learned in 2021

After a rollercoaster year of lockdowns, reopenings, and an industry resurgence, we look back through the most-read Fit Business articles from the past 12 months to spotlight 10 lessons we learned in 2021. 1. The trends set to dominate the next decade of fitness   The start of the year saw the release of EuropeActive’s […]

Free Motivational Interviewing (MI) Training ($500 value!) When you Become a Volunteer Activity Coach with Prescription to Get Active

prescription to get active

Prescription to Get Active (RxTGA) is looking for 30 healthcare providers and fitness professionals to join a unique new program to help empower Canadians to become more physically active and make sustainable behaviour changes. RxTGA volunteer activity coaches will play a critical role in supporting Canadians to begin their journey with physical activity. They will […]

Gym Marketing: A 5-Step Referral Plan to Grow your Gym

Gym Marketing: A 5-Step Referral Plan to Grow your Gym

Many gym owners typically don’t think of creating a referral system when they think about gym marketing. The first things that come to mind are social media posts, Facebook and Google ads, and email marketing. These are all excellent ways to get leads for your business. But an even more effective way to get better […]

The Neuroscience of Innovation: How Your Own Brain Limits Your Creative Thinking

How Your Own Brain Limits Your Creative Thinking

Several neuroscience principles limit our ability to creatively solve problems and generate innovative ideas. Understanding some of these principles can help you optimize your creative thinking and innovation processes. 1. While your whole brain is working all the time, there are serious energy constraints. The brain stores no fuel, and running on empty degrades performance […]

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