Have Scientists Cracked the Code to Making Gym Members Out of Everyone?

Have scientists cracked the code to making gym members out of everyone?

Pilot study from the Les Mills Research Lab offers clues into the drivers of exercise motivation and what it takes to transform someone from a couch potato into a gym bunny. Knowing something is one thing; knowing how to use it to your advantage is often far trickier. For example, it’s a well-known fact that […]

Empower Your Brand With Enchantment: 6 Characteristics of an Enchanted Brand

6 Characteristics of an Enchanted Brand

When people face a world that is too complex to understand, constantly changing in unexpected ways and unclear, they put up barriers of distrust and caution. This environment creates debilitating distress, and most people don’t have the tools or training to deal with it. This affects decision making and can lead to irrational choices driven […]

2022 Virtual ACTIVATE FitCon, April 21-24

The 2022 Virtual ACTIVATE FitCon is carefully tailored to deliver inspiration, support, specific business guidance and the skills needed to confidently grow out of the pandemic & beyond. Obtain a multitude of CECs all in one weekend. When you register for ACTIVATE 2022, you’ll receive: 7 business development courses focusing on leadership & growth.  4 […]

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