Navigating the Great Talent Migration in the Fitness Industry

Promoting the Intangibles to Attract and Retain Talent

Solve staffing problems by getting to know your current staff’s desires! Alex Castro, J.D., and Adam Sloustcher, J.D., from Fisher & Phillips, LLP, share a few ways to solve staffing shortage challenges in the fitness industry. As health and fitness clubs know painfully well, the COVID-19 pandemic has shocked the labor market and caused people […]

Addressing Imposter Syndrome: What Decision Makers, Others Need to Know

Addressing Imposter Syndrome

There is a big difference between being nervous about starting a new job or work responsibility versus having imposter syndrome. For most people, feelings of insecurity and anxiety pass, as there is still a fundamental belief in being able to complete the task at hand. On the other hand, someone with imposter syndrome has pervasive, […]

Why Fitness Marketing & Sales Templates Don’t Work

Why Fitness Marketing & Sales Templates Don’t Work

You’ve just paid for a template pack or system for everything you need for marketing your fitness business. You’ve got ads, sales pages, emails, sales scripts, and everything you need to get more clients. And you’re excited to get to work putting it together for your fitness business. All you have to do is drop […]