3 Reasons Why Continuing Education is a Must for Coaches!

3 Reasons why Continuing Education is a Must for Coaches!
By Alex Lemay

By Alex Lemay

Owner and founder, Xpertise360.com

A new year begins, and your schedule will be filled with clients exhibiting very good intentions, but unfortunately, many will not keep their famous ‘resolutions’.


The past few years have shown us that health is fragile, and many at-risk individuals have realized that prevention is more important than they would have thought.


So, why do over 80% of people who start a training program or join a gym in January end up quitting?


As a coach, you must regrettably, accept part of the blame. If you haven’t managed to engage your client and sustain their commitment in the long term, it means you lack the tools to properly understand their needs and/or capabilities.


This is where continuing education comes into play.


The majority of us have the minimum training required to call ourselves ‘personal trainers’ or ‘health professionals’, whether it’s a university, private institution, or other path that led to that certification/title.


Unfortunately, many believe that learning stops there, and that they have acquired sufficient knowledge to train clients in the years ahead. But that’s simply not the case.


Here are 3 reasons why, as a professional, you absolutely must engage in continuing education regularly:

1. We work with humans. Since we were young, we’ve been told that we’re unique in the world and ‘special’. It’s true that we’re unique, which suggests certain training concepts will work for one person but won’t yield results for another. And yet, the science is clear that this concept or method works! Engaging in continuing education throughout the year allows you to fill your toolbox and be ready to face any eventuality with your clients.


You’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration, and the client will feel taken care of by a professional who knows exactly where they’re going. The client must trust you 100% and have no doubts about your knowledge and professional abilities for them to get results and stick to their program.


2. Build a stable and profitable career. Some of us may say that talking about money in our industry is a real taboo. We’re all passionate about what we do, and in an ideal world, we’d offer our services to everyone for free! Unfortunately, this world doesn’t exist, and we need significant income to put food on the table and cover our personal and family expenses.


The more knowledge and skills you have to better assist your clients, the more your value in the market will increase. Clients will be willing to pay more for your services, and you’ll increase your income. By growing and stabilizing your client base over time, your income will be more predictable and stable.


Ultimately, with a more stable and fuller schedule, you’ll create scarcity for your services, allowing you to raise rates even further!


3. Build your network of professionals. Since we work in the health field, sometimes certain situations are beyond our expertise or knowledge, which means we need to refer to other professionals. During seminars or symposiums, we have the opportunity to meet different health professionals between presentations or on the sidelines of the event.


These often informal meetings allow us to expand our network of contacts and thus better refer our clients or be referred. This way, we have new references that we can reach out to with questions or specific scenarios.  

As a professional in the field of physical activity, continuing education is ESSENTIAL. Fortunately, there are more and more quality learning platforms available online or within events held across the country to easily integrate everything into our busy schedules!

Alex Lemay graduated from Kinesiology at Laval University (Quebec City) in 2010. He worked as a personal trainer and strength coach in a performance center in Quebec City for 15 years. While being a coach, he became the manager of the gym (Gym Le Chalet/Tonic CrossFit) in 2013. He founded the continuing education platform Xpertise360 in 2015 to provide great knowledge and applicable tools to coaches. The platform is now available in English with exclusive content and a total of 300 hours + of video content in French and English with some of the best coaches and experts in the industry. In 2022, he became the co-owner of Thibarmy, the official website of world-renowned coach and speaker Christian Thibaudeau.


Contact Alex at alex@xpertise360.com or visit https://xpertise360.com/en

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