3 Secrets of a $1,000,000+ Fitness Sales Presentation

3 Secrets of a $1,000,000+ Fitness Sales Presentation

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By Sean Greeley, NPE Founder & CEO

By Sean Greeley, NPE Founder & CEO

On December 21st, 2023…Willis Gibson became the first person to beat the classic Nintendo game, Tetris.


It took him just 38 minutes to beat a challenge that had stumped gamers for literally decades.


I won’t go into the technical aspects of how he did it…but what fascinated me was HOW he approached the game.


He was constantly adapting.
Constantly improving his process.

Constantly learning.


It reminded me of what the best fitness entrepreneurs do to achieve success.

Iterate On What Works


Successful fitness entrepreneurs don’t wait for success to happen.


They constantly innovate, try new things, and when they find something that works…


They keep it and improve upon it.


That’s part of the philosophy that I hold to NPE…and it’s why we’ve been able to serve over 53,000 clients in 17 years.


The only reason we’ve been in business this long is because our clients get results.


Every fitness entrepreneur, no matter where you’re at in your journey, must master the art of getting more sales.


But even more importantly, if you want to scale, you must build a sales process that you can hand off to your team so they can close clients for you.

Do You Have a Scalable Sales Process?


You may know how to close sales already…but there are 2 major things to address before you can pass off sales to your team.


  • Do you have an easy-to-understand, visual guide that you use to walk prospects through when they’re considering buying?
  • Are you already closing 80%+ of prospects into clients?
  • Do you have a simple, repeatable system that your team can use that replicates your success?


Each of these elements is important when we’re talking about scaling the business.


You’re a professional gym with a real facility and you provide real results.


Your sales presentation should reflect that and make it incredibly simple to present the value of what you offer to potential prospects.


How to Build an Effective Sales Presentation


An effective sales presentation should consist of 3 components.


When you lock these in, closing clients becomes incredibly simple.


In fact, our NPE AUTO-CLOSER® presentation is proven to convert 80%+ leads into clients.


If you’d like a template of that presentation, just check out npefitness.com/sales-template-fbw.


The first step is to outline the journey that your prospect needs to go on.


This means having a cut-and-dry process to help them define their goals, understand where they’re at with a simple evaluation, and what it will take to reach their goals.


You walk them through the process of designing a custom program that will fit their needs and then you get them excited about their results by scheduling a 4-week assessment.


The second step is answering questions and handling objections.

You’ve outlined a clear path to success, and you want to press them to ask their questions before you get to the investment part of your presentation.


The 3rd and final step is closing the sale and making payment.


The power of a presentation is that not only does it keep you on track during the conversation, but it’s also a way to demonstrate a level of professionalism. It also makes it pretty simple to train team members on how to sell effectively.


If you’d like to build your own sales presentation, you can head over to npefitness.com/sales-template-fbw and download a free copy of the NPE AUTO-CLOSER® template.

This presentation is proven to convert 80%+ of leads into clients.


So ask yourself…


When it comes to your sales process, what do you need to innovate?


The answer to that question could be the key to unlocking unprecedented levels of growth.

About the Author:


Sean Greeley, Founder & CEO of NPE has helped 53,000 fitness entrepreneurs go from broke to stacking cash over the last 17 years. Under his leadership, NPE has become the go-to destination for business growth systems, tools, and coaching for fitness entrepreneurs to grow to 6-, 7-, and 8-figures.  To get your personalized plan for growth, visit NPE’s website.


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