5 Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

5 Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making
By Fitness Revolution

By Fitness Revolution

As a gym owner, in order to succeed, you need to have plenty of leads coming through your door. (remove the link in this sentence also) – and delete the last sentence: That’s why our CEO, Nick Berry, created a short video highlighting some areas our coaches are hearing about now…and how we can fix them together.

If your lead generation marketing game isn’t up to snuff, then the people you want to attract may not see your message. Before you start to pick apart your current systems, you may need to look at some common lead generation mistakes gym owners make when trying to attract quality leads.


Assessing Your Lead Generation Strategies


Lead generation is one of the most important metrics in sales and marketing. Although the message you deliver is important…


If you don’t have any leads coming through your door…then your sales team doesn’t have anyone to sell too.
And this becomes a problem since your message may be muddled with every other gym or personal trainer marketing to them.


So how can you tell if your lead generation strategies are working or not? Testing and tracking each lead generation tactic you’re currently running.

If you track your metrics right, you can uncover what’s working—and what’s not working—so you can make the adjustments needed.

The 5 Lead Generation Mistakes Gym Owners Make


Everyone, business owners included, make mistakes. It’s a part of life. But when it starts to impact your revenue and business growth, then eliminating the mistakes is extremely important.


Take a look at these 5 mistakes and see if any of them you can eliminate:


1. You’re Targeting The WRONG People


If you want your message to resonate with the people you want to walk through the door, you need to be sure you’re marketing to them—and not to everyone.


And, if you have built your customer avatar correctly, then you know exactly who you want to work out on your facility. Once you know who you want to target, it will become easier to market and attract them.


2. The Customers Aren’t In The Right “Buying” Frame of Mind


When potential clients come into your gym, they are obviously looking for a solution to a problem they have.


But, depending on where the buyer is on the buying spectrum, one person may not need a lot of coaxing to sign up, while another person does.


Knowing where your prospect is on the buying spectrum can make selling the right service, or providing the right information for an informed decision, will go a long way to making the sale.


3. Your Marketing Isn’t Clear


You need to make sure your marketing message is clear—and easy-to-understand, concise, and cuts through the fluff.


4. You Haven’t Segmented Your List


First off, if you don’t have an email list, you need to start one. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your audience. And building a list of potential buyers can be a goldmine for your business.


But, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. You still have to have a clear message—and it needs to go to the right segment on your list.


People are interested in what THEY want…not what you think they want. Be sure to segment your list, so you can send the right message each time.


5. It’s All About You…and Not About Them


As great as you are, your prospective clients don’t really care. They only care about what you can do for them, and how much it will cost to get what they want.


The more your marketing message stresses YOU, and less about what your prospect wants, the more they will tune you out.


Catering your message to the prospective client, you may find it easier to lead them through the buying process.


Fix These Common Lead Generation Mistakes


If you’ve been in business a long time, then you already know that getting more people through your door will ultimately grow your membership and revenue.


Most gym owners commit certain lead generation mistakes that could cost them clients and revenue.


But if you’re able to correct these mistakes, you may see people respond to your message, come through your door, and become a new member. And if you can repeat this process, your business is going to grow, and you will have more freedom to do other things.




Having the right strategies for Lead generation is only one part of the problem. There are other mistakes in marketing…sales…and referrals that could keep you from growing your business.


That’s why our CEO, Nick Berry, created a short video highlighting some areas our coaches are hearing about now…and how we can fix them together.

Fitness Revolution helps fitness business owners build and scale successful businesses they love running. Through Strategic Business Coaching, powerful tools and metrics, and live training events, FR is able to help these studio owners tackle their biggest, most pressing challenge. For more information, visit https://frnation.com/.

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