COVID-19 Playbook for Gyms


Trainer Plus is helping Canadian gyms transition into new ways of doing business to deal with the challenges faced from Covid-19, closures and quarantines.

Now that the initial decisions and actions have been taken to adjust, the next step is figuring out how to get revenues going again, staff working again and keeping members engaged under this new paradigm. 

While streaming content has been a good way to keep members engaged, it is hard to monetize enough to pay all the expenses and staff. Virtual training is another good tool to have, but economic uncertainty has made it even more challenging for members to afford. What is needed is a range of options from free, to programming and virtual that can fit for any member’s budget, schedule and available equipment.

Trainer Plus wants to help by:

  • Offering ‘Playbook for Gyms’ to go through strategies to develop new offerings to help get business moving again
  • Making podcasts with content about adapting to online services
  • Offering a special offer for gyms to help them transition to an online tool easily

To the last point, you can see the full offer here. The goal is to help gyms get started quickly (can be set up and running in a couple of days), with no upfront cost, out of the box content, unlimited trainers and enough licenses to start making revenues before anymore costs. It includes:

  • Organization set up with oversight from managers for trainers
  • Shared library of workout/program/assessment templates
  • Lead generation and follow up management 
  • Implementation plan (with management) and training (for trainers)

If you need help getting your gym transitioned to viable online options and revenues growing again, please contact to discuss whether Trainer Plus might be a fit for you, or other strategies that can be used right now depending on your business model. Either way, Nick is happy to help fellow Canadian fitness businesses work through the coming months together.

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