David Beckham and F45 Training Settle $10M Lawsuit

David Beckham and F45 Training Settle $10M Lawsuit

Photo: Courtesy F45 Training

David Beckham and F45 Training have resolved their legal dispute which began in October 2022. Beckham’s management company, DB Ventures Limited, had filed a lawsuit against F45 for breach of contract, seeking over US$10 million in damages. The lawsuit alleged that F45 failed to provide substantial cash and equity compensation as per their agreement, despite Beckham fulfilling his promotional duties for the brand​.


The agreement reached will see DB Ventures Limited drop the lawsuit, and Beckham will remain an investor in F45. Both parties expressed satisfaction with the resolution, with F45’s CEO, Tom Dowd, highlighting the mutual support and ongoing relationship between Beckham and the brand. This settlement allows F45 to move forward without the burden of litigation, while Beckham’s investment in the company remains intact​.

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