EGYM and Precor Enhance Existing Global Partnership

EGYM and Precor Enhance Existing Global Partnership

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Precor, a pioneer of connected commercial fitness equipment, and EGYM, a global fitness technology and corporate health innovation leader, have announced their latest integration on the third generation of Precor cardio consoles.


Precor launched their first connected fitness console in 2011. Since then, exercisers from over 14,000 facilities across 100 countries have completed 1.2 billion workouts and counting on Precor connected fitness cardio products.


This milestone has set the stage for the evolution of the next generation of connected fitness solutions, in partnership with.


EGYM’s Smart Cardio ecosystem

EGYM has integrated directly with Precor P82 and P62 touchscreen cardio consoles since 2017, including cardio tests, training programs, on-screen gamification, and more. Now members can extend the immersive EGYM Experience through the all-new Smart Cardio integration on the latest generation of Precor P94 and p84 touchscreen consoles.


Launching soon, Smart Cardio brings together EGYM’s advanced fitness software with Precor’s lightning-fast technology, modular design, and immersive media experience, including a wide range of workouts to keep exercisers motivated and engaged.


Operators will benefit from an industry-changing cardio experience, designed to supercharge their business and member’s workouts.


“Precor is excited to continue our partnership with EGYM on our latest line of connected consoles. We believe that operators should have the flexibility to choose the partners that work best for their business and EGYM has proven to be a leader in innovative connected solutions that improve the experience on Precor connected fitness equipment, and help operators engage with their members throughout the facility.” – Dustin Grosz, Precor CEO.


“EGYM is honored to have a longstanding collaboration with Precor, an innovator in the field, and we eagerly anticipate advancing our joint innovative efforts with our esteemed colleagues at Precor for the benefit of fitness facilities around the globe.” – Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, EGYM CEO.


For more information on Precor’s connected fitness solutions, visit

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