Equinox Partners with Function Health to Bring Comprehensive Lab Testing to the Forefront of High-Performance Living

Equinox Partners with Function Health to Bring Comprehensive Lab Testing to the Forefront of High-Performance Living

Equinox, a high-performance luxury fitness company, announced last week an exclusive partnership with Function Health, a health platform that includes over 100 comprehensive lab tests for understanding your entire body. Together, they are introducing a paradigm shift in approaching health optimization that integrates visible physical achievements with crucial, yet often overlooked internal health markers.


Since Function Health’s 2023 beta launch, hundreds of thousands of people have sought out its proactive approach to gain the deepest understanding of their health. Including a comprehensive suite of advanced lab tests, Function Health goes beyond traditional healthcare, providing personalized, actionable insights to empower individuals to take full control of their health. Particularly for women, understanding biomarkers and hormonal balance is critical for obtaining a clear picture of what’s happening inside their bodies, making Function Health’s approach especially powerful for female members.


Together with Function Health, Equinox’s Coachx trainers will develop a program designed to unlock the peaks of human potential based on each individual’s unique biological data. Equinox members will soon have access to personalized health data that provides a detailed overview of their health—and healthspan—and access a customized, performance-driven program to help them achieve extraordinary results.


“We are ushering in the next chapter of healthspan and longevity with the partnership between Equinox and Function Health,” said Julia Klim, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Equinox. “This partnership represents a new era in personalized, performance-driven health, integrating the highest standards in personal training with cutting-edge research and data across nutrition and regeneration.”


“The Function and Equinox partnership is a historical moment where health breaks out of the doctor’s office and extends beyond the fitness club,” stated Mark Hyman M.D., Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Function Health and newest member of the Equinox Health Advisory Board. “By combining Equinox’s expertise with Function Health’s 100+ lab test approach, we’re unlocking a level of health and fitness that surpasses even what top doctors and biohackers can access.”


Equinox operates over 100 full-service fitness clubs globally and across major US cities including New York, LA, Miami, and San Francisco as well as London, Toronto, and Vancouver.

To learn more, visit Equinox.com and FunctionHealth.com.

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