Feeling Lost? Create a 1-Page Fitness Business Plan to Crush Your Goals

Feeling Lost? Create a 1-Page Fitness Business Plan to Crush Your Goals
By Sean Greeley, Founder & CEO, NPE

By Sean Greeley, Founder & CEO, NPE

Feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed with your business? You need a simple 1-page business plan.


Here’s how to create your winning plan:




There’s no point in working hard if you’re building something that doesn’t meet your goals.


What does success look like for you? Where will you be in 1 year? 5 years?


Remember, you can have anything you want, if you help enough other people get what they want. AND when you’re patient and persistent in doing the work required over time. 🙂




What does the business’s financial model look like? It includes revenue, expenses, and profit. How will your business achieve your personal financial goals?


Businesses are essentially one big math equation. Revenue – Expenses = Profit


Your goal should be to get clear with your numbers and know exactly how many clients are needed to reach your goal.



What’s the most important thing you need in business? Clients.


Who are the best clients for your business? Who are the worst clients for your business?


If you’re not clear here, then everything you do will be a waste of time and energy.



What you sell is all based on providing the right solution for the clients (component #3) you’re trying to serve.


The big decisions lie in pricing and packaging your services. How much should you charge?


While rates are important, Gross Profit Margin is the most important number to protect.


What’s Gross Profit Margin? It’s the price you sell something minus the cost to acquire and fulfill services for a client. The costs are sales and marketing costs and labor for coaching.




70-80% is AVERAGE 6


0-70% (or less) is POOR


Make sure you’re at least set up in the middle of average. If not, fix this before proceeding any further.



If you plan on working 25-30+ hours a week coaching clients forever, that is not a business. That is called owning a job.


A job is good.


But building a business that gives you personal income, time freedom, and an asset you can sell one day is better.


Even if you wear every hat in your business today, you need a plan to move beyond that structure in the future.




The long term success of a business is governed by how well your business delivers on its promises to clients.


Are people happy and sticking around? Do they stay, pay, and refer others to you? Take time to understand key milestones on your client journey.


Client Success is like defense. And a great defensive team will win the season long-term.



The better your business is at signing up new clients, the less marketing resources it needs to meet its goals.


What’s the right offer to engage prospective clients into your sales process? What does your sales process look like? How will you pre-qualify prospective clients? What does your renewal process look like?


A great sales system should convert 80% of potential clients into long, premium-priced programs (3-, 6-, 12-month).


If you’re not there yet, keep fixing your sales system, tools, and training.



How will you generate leads? What channels, sources, and campaigns will you use?


Good lead generation involves strategy, tactics, and execution.


Strategy is what to do. Tactics are assets and clear steps. Execution is time blocked each week to get things done.


Most businesses aren’t clear on strategy and don’t have assets. Fix those first.


What’s the most common mistake here? It’s thinking you can pay someone else to solve this problem for you.


That mindset will keep you dumb and poor.


Invest in working with smart people to get smarter and create assets (and learn skills) you can use for life.


Then be consistent with blocked time to do the work, every single week.


Don’t stop until you’re sold out with a wait list.

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Sean Greeley is a founder and coach who helps fitness entrepreneurs build predictable 7-figure businesses.  Since 2006, NPE has helped over 53,000+ fitness businesses in 96+ countries grow to the next level. Download NPE’s 1-Page Fitness Business Plan™ workbook and short 12-minute training at: https://npe.li/nk/u6BFTG


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