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FitBizWeekly: Could a bad decision by an independent club or studio operator negatively impact the rest of the fitness industry? 


Mo Hagan, Chief Operating Officer for canfitpro, responds:


“If one independent club or studio operator made a bad decision it could have a very negative impact on similar sized clubs and studios. The impact would likely not be as significant on larger clubs or chains, given that those with concerns could easily visit facility websites and see first-hand the efforts being made to ensure the health and safety of their members and employees. Having said that, people who are particularly concerned about health and safety will join clubs where they feel they are being best protected. I’d add that one bad decision, from the macro view, would reflect badly on all fitness clubs just as one bad decision by a bar or restaurant owner could harm all bars and restaurants.  People are now particularly sensitive as they should be.


 – Mo Hagan, Chief Operating Officer canfitpro


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