Fitness Business Coach, Consultant, or Mentor: Which One Does Your Business Need?

Fitness Business Coach, Consultant, or Mentor: Which One Does Your Business Need?


At Fitness Revolution, we make no secret that we believe everyone in business needs a coach—that it’s a necessity. This belief isn’t exclusive to fitness business owners; it applies to every business owner striving for success. 


If you want to learn to do something well, you get expert guidance. 


And I live by that advice. I get coaching myself. I’ve had an executive coach, a leadership coach, a speaking coach.  And coaching, training, and/or lessons in speaking, writing, management, strategy.  


All of my staff gets some type of coaching, mentorship, or training.  We’ve been doing that for almost 10 years.  


I apply that belief to my personal life too.  I’ve had lessons in golf, mountain biking, chess, pickleball, table tennis, cooking, learning another language… And that’s just from the last 5 years.  


When I want to learn how to do something well, I find someone who knows how and get them to teach me.  I’d guess it’s at least 10x faster and I probably get 10x better than I would on my own. That part is kinda simple.


I don’t think you absolutely have to apply it to everything quite like I do.  But I DO think you have to apply it to the things that you’re truly serious about developing mastery of.  


I’m a pretty good problem solver.  But that’s not a strategy for developing business mastery.  I need input from other people. 


Look into any successful business leader, and you’ll likely discover two consistent themes: they’ve engaged in coaching, often with multiple coaches.  AND – they usually say they wish they would have sought out coaching sooner.


We also believe that our Success Coaches aren’t just coaches, and that our coaching isn’t just coaching.   Our Success Coaches are what we call ‘blended experts’.  They’ve been trained to act as a coach, mentor, and consultant as needed.


Our coaching methodology is designed to adapt between the three expert ‘styles’ to facilitate growth and empower the business owner. As a fitness business owner develops and their needs shift, we shift our approach to continue meeting their needs and nurture their continued growth.  Along the way as the situation calls for it, we’re also capable of changing ‘hats’ and adapting to situations on the fly.


While these roles share some similarities, they each offer unique benefits and serve different purposes. 


It is important for fitness business owners to understand the purposes and benefits of each in order to build the most effective and valuable support system for themselves. 

The Fitness Business Coach: Your Personal Trainer for Business Growth

A business coach is someone who guides you to discover your own answers. They help you determine your direction, set your goals, and devise your plans. But their role doesn’t stop there. A coach also fosters accountability, ensuring that you stay on track with your goals and plans.


Just as a personal trainer guides you to discover your physical potential and holds you accountable for your fitness goals, a business coach guides you to uncover your business potential and holds you accountable for your business goals. 


Business coaches focus on the long-term success of your business. They help you set strategic goals, develop action plans, and hold you accountable for executing these plans. They also provide support and encouragement, helping you navigate challenges and celebrate successes.


A business coach is a good fit if you’re looking for ongoing, personalized support to grow yourself and your business. They’re especially beneficial if you’re willing to invest time and effort into developing your business skills and strategies.


The Fitness Business Consultant: Your Specialist for Specific Challenges

A consultant is the expert you can call on for professional or technical advice or opinions. They’re the ones you rely on to understand specific challenges in areas such as marketing, finance, or operations, and they provide advice and solutions.


Just as a sports physician provides expert advice and solutions for an athlete’s physical challenges, a business consultant provides expert advice and solutions for your business challenges. This expert advice is crucial for addressing specific business issues and achieving specific goals.


Business consultants focus on the short-term needs of your business. They analyze your business, identify problems, and provide solutions. They tend to have more of a transactional working relationship, coming in ‘as needed’ for specific situations. 


A business consultant is a good fit if you’re facing a specific challenge where you just need a solution, a-la ‘tell me what to do’.


The Fitness Business Mentor: Your Experienced Guide for the Business Journey

A business mentor is like a seasoned guide for your business journey. They’re the experienced teacher who shares their insights and experiences to help you navigate your business journey.


Just as a seasoned athlete shares their wisdom with a novice, helping them avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities, a business mentor shares their wisdom with you, guiding your progress and helping you navigate the business landscape. This shared wisdom is invaluable for personal and professional development.


Business mentors focus on your personal and professional development. They share their experiences, provide advice, and offer a sounding board for your ideas and decisions. They typically work on a long-term, voluntary basis, providing ongoing support and guidance.


A business mentor is a good fit if you’re looking for advice and guidance from someone who is familiar with what you’re going through.  They’re especially beneficial if you’re willing to learn from others’ experiences and navigate the world of business with an open mind.


Now here’s a word of caution on mentorship and ‘having experience’ being an expert credential: Don’t mistake experience for expertise.

Owning a gym does not make someone an expert, and not owning a gym doesn’t make someone not an expert. 


Don’t get me wrong – experience can be a very good thing. But it’s not mutually exclusive with expertise.


What you want is someone who is trained to do what you’re looking for.  Here’s a really obvious comparison: let’s say you have a knee injury and need to have surgery.  Do you want a legitimate surgeon operating on you?  Or someone else who has had a knee injury?  You want the surgeon.  And you don’t even care if the surgeon has had the same injury.  You care that the surgeon knows what they’re doing. 


Choosing the Right Support for Your Business

Fitness business coaches, consultants, and mentors do have similarities, but each offers unique benefits and serves different purposes.  


Sometimes you need someone to help you discover an answer that only you can provide (coaching). 
Sometimes you just need someone who can tell you how to solve a specific problem (consulting).
And sometimes you need an expert to share their experiences and insights, provide advice, and be a sounding board (mentoring).


You’re going to need a blend of all 3 throughout your journey, with the balance between them shifting and evolving over time.  That evolution will depend on many things, which include your own evolution, your specific needs, goals, and circumstances.


And remember that you don’t have to be locked in to just one forever, and you aren’t limited to only one at a time.  A lot of successful business owners have a coach for ongoing support, hire consultants for specific projects, and seek mentors for long-term guidance. 


The key is to understand what each role offers and how they can support your business journey.

Fitness Revolution empowers fitness business owners to build and grow profitable businesses they are passionate about. Through expert coaching, backed by their proprietary Fitness Business Alignment System™, FR provides the long-term solution to ending burnout. To learn more about how FR can help you take your fitness business to the next level, visit

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