Fitness World Canada Launches Active Community Initiative, Bringing Free Fitness Classes to a Senior Living Facility in Surrey, BC

Fitness World Canada Launches Active Community Initiative, Bringing Free Fitness Classes to a Senior Living Facility in Surrey, BC

Fitness World Canada and Rosemary Heights Seniors Village have joined forces to provide free fitness classes to residents of the assisted living community. The 4-week partnership is part of Fitness World Canada’s Active Community Initiative that aims to get accessible movement to groups that have lower access to fitness and is an extension of the facility’s existing programming.


Since April 8th, 2024, Fitness World Canada has been delivering a diverse range of seated exercise classes to senior residents at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village in Surrey. These classes, part of the Active Community Initiative, encompass activities from stretching to light aerobics, designed to promote health and mobility among local seniors, and are structured to be accessible to all the residents. With continual sessions throughout the month, residents have ample opportunities to participate and reap the benefit of regular physical activity. All participants are also given exercises to continue their fitness journey independently.


Rosemary Heights Seniors Village resident David Dickey shared his thoughts on the classes: “I think they’re great. I can feel the difference in my legs and arms afterward.'”


The free fitness classes offered through this partnership not only improve participants’ physical health but also provide opportunities for social interaction and connection, combating feelings of isolation and loneliness. Prioritizing physical health together fosters a culture of active aging, where senior residents continue to encourage each other to maintain their physical movement.

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Older adults living in senior living facilities often have less access to fitness classes, despite the vital importance of regular physical activity in maintaining physical health and mobility as individuals age. By offering tailored classes within a familiar and supporting environment, residents have shown they are more likely to participate and adhere to exercise routines, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, falls, and functional decline.


“At Fitness World Canada, we’re passionate about making fitness accessible to everyone in our community,” said Chris Smith, President and CEO of Fitness World Canada. “Partnering with Rosemary Heights Seniors Village allows us to extend our reach and offer free fitness classes to those who don’t have access to a local gym.”


“Our fitness classes are quite well attended. Partnering with Fitness World has provided some variety & diversity in these classes, allowed residents to connect with a certified personal trainer, and offered new ideas for the Therapeutic Recreation team to add to their repertoire,” said Jaylene Smillie, Manager of Therapeutic Recreation & Volunteers at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village.


The collaboration between Fitness World Canada and Rosemary Heights Seniors Village underscores their shared dedication to enhancing community wellness in Vancouver. By offering free fitness classes, they’re not only promoting individual health but fostering a stronger sense of community. As they continue to work together, they aim to explore additional opportunities to improve the well-being of the residents beyond this pilot program.

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