Flex for Access Launches Dual Campaigns to Raise Awareness and Funds for National CP Awareness Day & to Educate and Empower 

Flex for Access Launches Dual Campaigns to Raise Awareness and Funds for National CP Awareness Day & to Educate and Empower

Flex for Access is a Registered Non-Profit Organization for adaptive fitness and sport promotion.


The organization facilitates opportunities for individuals that are part of special populations; with physical disabilities and acquired injuries to be able to train at mainstream gyms and exercise facilities as well as to participate in sports programs. Funds facilitate adaptive fitness-based training and also go towards the purchase of exercise equipment for partnered facilities. Adaptive fitness education is also central to their work in partnership with fitness and health professionals, in order to create the capacity for knowledge mobilization for professionals.

Move, Inspire, Change Campaign: How to get involved & Why


In honor of National CP Awareness Month in March and National CP Awareness Day on March 25th, 2024, Flex for Access has launched its fundraising campaign “Move, Inspire, Change.” The campaign is meant to get everyone active and supporting Cerebral Palsy Awareness and to create a redefinition of adversity.


Flex for Access encourages everyone to show off their green shirt in support of CP Awareness (Green is the color for CP Awareness) and record a workout and post it on Social Media with the hashtag #FlexForAccess throughout the month of March, and to donate to the organization on or before March 25th at www.flexforaccess.ca.


Participants are also encouraged to record a video describing what adversity and overcoming it means to you.

InnoFlex Campaign: How to get involved & Why


The InnoFlex Campaign was created to Inspire Changes to Health and Fitness Education, Policy, and Governance, and runs throughout March and April.


Because Flex for Access prioritizes redefining the definition and understanding of fitness as a means of physical disability management, the “InnoFlex Campaign” was launched for fitness, health, and government officials to speak to changes they want to see take place related to creating novel opportunities for individuals of special populations to have their fitness and health prioritized.


Post a video on Social Media with the hashtag #FlexForAccess about your work in the health or fitness industry and indicate one thing that you’d like to see changed in redefining the opportunity for adaptive fitness and sport, and donate to Flex for Access at www.flexforaccess.ca.

Change is made possible when voices are raised and the industry flexes its collaborative muscle!


Coming together, both mainstream fitness professionals and adaptive fitness professionals can change lives through creating life changing opportunities for movement and quality of life improvement for individuals with physical disabilities.

Join Flex for Access and Fitness Industry leaders on Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 7:30pm EST for the Health & FitnessBiz and Adaptability Flex for Access Webinar to communicate and learn about how adaptive fitness creates new marketable opportunities and amplifies impact. Funds raised support Flex for Access initiatives.


Register Here.


For more information about Flex for Access visit www.flexforaccess.ca.

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