From Sedentary Kid to Millionaire Fitness Super Star

From Overweight Kid to Millionaire

(Photo: Charlie Johnson)

By Erin Phelan

By Erin Phelan

Fitness Industry Council of Canada

Fitness Coach Charles Johnson will speak to Fitness Industry Council of Canada this Friday, March 22nd at 1:30pm EST in a not-to-be missed webinar on scaling and growing your business.


Dubai is the city of heights – with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalfia, soaring high into the sky. This could be a metaphor for Charlie Johnson’s life – one of the world’s leading fitness coaches, who helps his clients soar to new heights, helping thousands of people live healthier, fitter lives.


Charlie Johnson, renowned fitness coach, will share incredible insights and valuable tools he has developed becoming one of the world’s leading fitness coach; his own business, based in Dubai, brings in more than $400,000 revenue each month.  In this powerful 60-minute webinar you will learn

    • How to use magnetic marketing and sales to increase member LTV and Sales
    • How to use magnetic marketing with social media to get more members into your facilities
    • How to use the art of persuasion to help your clients crush their goals, and become long-term members increasing LTV
    • How to incentivize your own team members to improve their performance, which will help you scale your business
    • Charlie Johnson’s GENIUS method to ask the right questions that will fulfill your clients’ needs
    • And…Charlie will answer ALL YOUR QUESTIONS in a full Q&A at the end

Charlie Johnson’s journey started from humble beginnings. As a child, he struggled with obesity, adversity and low self-esteem. Instead of wallowing in despair, he took control of his life, embarking on a transformative fitness journey that jumpstarted his lifelong pursuit to help others!


Johnson’s drive, passion and thirst for knowledge led him to immerse himself in studying and learning extensive training regimens, experimenting with different diets, and he slowly began to see results. As he shed pounds and crossed milestones his life was transformed in more ways than one. He was unlocking his own potential, and realizing he wanted to devote his life to inspiring others to do the same. It was a spark.


But what led him to leave his comfort zone? Though he had a passion for fitness, until five years ago he was a real estate agent. He began creating content online. In one of one of his most recent Instagram posts, he talks about this journey – of flipping the fear of failure on its head, and asked himself – what if I succeed? “At the beginning, people are going to ask you – why are you posting so much online? And then, they will ask you: How can I do it?”


This spark ignited the entrepreneurial flame that has helped him create the Seven-Figure Scaling System, a 90-day fitness business accelerator that is the leading mastermind in the health and fitness space. He now devotes his life to helping coaches achieve their dreams of success, helping hundreds of coaches around the world, and impacting hundreds of thousands of lives.


What sets Charlie Johnson apart? It isn’t simply his deep knowledge of fitness and nutrition, nor his entrepreneurial spirit. Clients are drawn to his empathy and unwavering support, even more than his expertise. As he ventured into the world of online coaching and fitness consulting, he began to explode on social media – he now has over 528K followers on Instagram, and millions of views on YouTube and TikTok.


Through his online platforms, Johnson shares valuable insights, practical tips, and motivational content, empowering individuals to take charge of their health and transform their lives. His authenticity, coupled with his expertise, resonates deeply with his audience, inspiring countless others to embark on their own fitness journeys.


Today, Charles Johnson stands as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and passion. From battling childhood obesity to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur, his journey exemplifies the limitless possibilities that arise when one refuses to be defined by their circumstances.

Join Fitness Industry Council of Canada on Friday, March 22 at 1:30 PM EST as Charlie shares his valuable insights.

Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) is the not-for profit trade association that represents the voice of fitness facility operators across Canada. Representing more than 6,000 facilities with more than six-million members nationwide, FIC pursues a legislative agenda in the hope of bettering the fitness industry for both consumers and operators. FIC aims to work with both industry and government to improve the health and physical activity levels of Canadians.

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