Goal Setting for 2023

Goal Setting for 2023

Seven trends to consider maximizing your business success

By Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

By Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Here are seven business and tech trends that you may want to consider putting on the list to implement or work towards in 2023.


1. CRM

The times where you kept your clients’ and prospects’ information on an excel spreadsheet are over. You need a customer relationship management (CRM) system which is the combination of practices, strategies, and technologies that you can use to manage and analyze your clients’ interactions and data. CRM improves customer service relationships, assists in customer retention, and drives sales growth. Get organized with a system to list, communicate, record, and track. Mailchimp, AWeber, Keap by Infusion Soft, and Zoho are some examples of CRM that will save you time and increase your success over the next year.


2. Mindset

Mindset training is the new black. (Work “in” instead of “out”). It is not enough anymore to train the body and feed it well (strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition). Gyms and boutiques who are also tapping into their clients’ limiting beliefs and negative self-talk will have greater impact and position themselves as facilities who deliver results. Not everyone is at the stage of up levelling their services to offer life coaching services yet, but facilities who will upskill their staff so that they incorporate life coaching skills into their programs, even if it is just by paying attention to the way they cue their clients, will be the ones who thrive.


3. Social Media Strategy

Are you still winging it? Social media strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media. The more specific your plan is, the more effective it will be. Focus on a few platforms where your target audience spends time. Have a plan so that you can stretch and repurpose your content. Make sure you follow a funnel marketing strategy that includes calls for action and ways to transform your social media fans into paying clients.


4. Marketing Automation

Use technology to save time and implement your social media strategy. Marketing automation platforms will post for you and manage multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically, to both increase revenue and maximize efficiency. Later, SocialBee, Hootsuite, and Monday.com are some examples.


5. Live-Streaming

Of course, your goal is for your clients to show up in person at your facility. However, the pandemic has taught our clients the joy of convenience. If you have not tapped into the online world yet, it is time to consider adding this component to your business. Whether all participants join online or whether you choose the hybrid model, (where classes happen in-person with some participants while also streamed for other participants partaking from their home), having an online live offering is here to stay.


6. Re-recorded content

Having a pre-recorded offering will allow participants and clients to get extra value for their membership and train in their own time using pre-recorded content. Consider building online courses that complement your live training or classes.

7. Mastermind group

As smart and savvy individual gym or boutique owners can be individually, they will never be as smart as five of them together in the same meeting. Tap into other brilliant minds, learn from each other, or recruit solid board members to bounce ideas off. Belonging to a mastermind group or a peer-to-peer mentoring group helps members discuss and solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members and is a growing trend that you want to consider for 2023.

All the above trends can help to maximize your business success but having a solid communication style in place first will provide a more powerful impact on how you influence, lead, and sell anywhere. Join Nathalie at the canfitpro 2022 Business & Leadership event on November 18th as she teaches you how to Master Your Communication Style to Exponentially Improve Performance and Profits.


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Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, Confidence Expert, and International No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books on wellness and empowerment, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas combines 25 years in sales and 30 years in the fitness industry. She works with entrepreneurs who want to find confidence and clarity so they can make money by living from their passion.

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