GoodLife Campaign Celebrates the Many Reasons We Go to the Gym….and They’re Not What You Think.

GoodLife campaign celebrates the many reasons we go to the gym....and they’re not what you think.

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People’s reasons for going to the gym are as different as the people themselves. GoodLife Fitness’ new marketing campaign “There’s always a reason” steps away from the ‘new year, new you’ view of fitness to celebrate the many ways fitness feels good both physically and mentally.


Tammy Brazier, vice president of marketing, partnerships and external relations with GoodLife Fitness, says member research found that many people are now working out so they can enjoy other parts of their lives and invest in their own mental well-being.


“Everyone has a reason they go to the gym, and for many, it’s not only about aesthetic appearance, but also the positive mental health benefits that simply feel good. This campaign celebrates all those reasons – whether it’s to carry your aging 100lb dog up the stairs, to lunge away memories of your ex, to prepare for a busy day at work, or to recover from a long day of parenting. It’s those daily reasons that keep people motivated to work out,” Brazier said. “Whatever your reason, it’s the right reason.”

GoodLife’s marketing and creative team worked with creative agency GUT Toronto to develop the campaign. Award-winning director and photographer Finn O’Hara, [] who has worked for well-known clients like Nike, Adidas, Mini, and Coca Cola, brought member stories to life through visual elements, including subtle, relatable details.


Campaign visuals were captured at the GoodLife Fitness Oakville Place club but are intended to look like any of GoodLife’s 200+ clubs across Canada. The cast features several GoodLife members and employees.


“This campaign reflects who we are and who our members are. We wanted it to be playful and authentic and to speak to the real-life experiences we see every day in our gyms…right down to the little details like dog fur stuck to your gym clothes, markers on your arm from your kids, or work emails following you wherever you go,” Brazier described.


GoodLife’s ‘There’s always a reason’ campaign includes a variety of main video advertisements [], unique out-of-home creations, organic social extensions, and digital static masters. Strategic ad placement will target various audiences across Canada with unique contextual boards in each market.


“We had some fun with custom location-specific creative in high traffic markets where our potential and existing members are,” Brazier explained. “When you’re at the shopping plaza you might see the ad about carrying all your grocery bags from the car in just one trip. As you’re leaving your office in the downtown core, you might see an ad about using fitness to outrun your inner critic.”


GoodLife is planning to capture a series of video ‘streeters’ with people candidly sharing their reasons for going to the gym. This video content will be shared via GoodLife’s Instagram Reels and on TikTok. GoodLife will also share member posts, answering common fitness questions and spotlighting personal motivations.


The campaign officially launched on January 1, 2024, and will run for several months. The creative concept will be used in different ways throughout the year.

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