GoodLife Launches Exclusive Partnership with Regymen Fitness

GoodLife invests in the health of Canadians with  latest group fitness ‘experience’

GoodLife Fitness has teamed up with Louisiana-based REGYMEN Fitness to offer members a ‘next-level’ small-group workout with a high-energy, social atmosphere and fresh daily programming.


The partnership allows GoodLife to become the sole distributor of REGYMEN’s programming in Canada.


“Securing the exclusive rights to bring REGYMEN to Canada really amplifies GoodLife’s offering. We can now deliver a studio experience, with science-based, high-intensity workouts, alongside all the services and amenities of our current GoodLife clubs,” said David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans, founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness. “We’re investing to bring more world-class fitness programming to Canadians at a time when we all need new options to be physically active.”

Launched in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 2018, REGYMEN combines interactive play and program variety with its three unique workout streams – BURN, BOX and BUILD. The multi-platform approach offers ever-evolving sessions to maintain variety and prevent member plateauing.


  • BURN is a science-backed HIIT workout that incorporates cardio stations like the treadmill, ski erg, and assault bike along with kettlebells, TRX, dumbbells, core exercises, and stabilization movements to provide an effective 60-minute workout experience.
  • BOX* is a hybrid cardio and strength training session with heavy bag training, where members will punch, knee, elbow, lift and box their way to an elevated heart rate and powerful workout.
  • BUILD includes Olympic barbells, bumper plates, battle ropes, and more to create a workout centered around increasing lean body mass while improving strength, flexibility, and technique.


Each REGYMEN class incorporates a high-energy atmosphere that encourages social interaction and creates a healthy, supportive team environment. The ever-changing programming comes in 30, 60 and 90-minute variations, providing highly efficient workouts for all fitness levels while accommodating busy schedules. Fitness tracking technology allows for individualized training experiences, while also promoting healthy competition among participants.


Dan McDonogh, director of programming and performance with GoodLife Fitness, said at a time when the fitness industry is feeling the effects of the pandemic lockdown, GoodLife is investing to expand its programming.


“Right now, it’s more important than ever that we expand our offering and give Canadians something to get excited about. REGYMEN has been hugely successful in the US since it launched, and many of our members have been waiting for us to bring it to Canada,” McDonogh said. “With endless combinations of functional programming, state of the art technology, rock star instructors, and unique studio design with audiovisual effects and specialty lighting, REGYMEN delivers an exclusive group fitness experience that drives results and will keep people coming back for more. Our members certainly deserve it.”


REGYMEN studios will be built within new and existing GoodLife Clubs and will offer their own schedule of workouts exclusively to GoodLife members who have purchased Performance memberships or the REGYMEN add-on. Single and multi-use passes can also be purchased. Performance memberships begin at $49.99 biweekly.


GoodLife built its first two REGYMEN studios during the pandemic’s peak shutdown period, meaning they are designed and operated according to The GoodLife Standard, a comprehensive health and safety plan focused on ensuring physical distancing, reducing capacity levels in our Clubs, and enhanced cleaning and sanitization practices.

REGYMEN - Girl pushing up

The first-ever REGYMEN studio offered by GoodLife Fitness will open Monday, September 28, at GoodLife’s brand new 60,000-square foot location in Oakville. The launch at Oakville Place will be followed up with the opening of a studio at GoodLife Windsor Dougall & Cabana.  GoodLife plans to open REGYMEN studios in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Toronto.


“All our programs have camaraderie in common: we’re focused on bringing people together in the spirit of social fitness. We’ve found a way to fuse technology with workouts backed by science in a welcoming, social atmosphere where the trainers go above and beyond, said EK Navan, co-founder of REGYMEN Fitness. “Not only are you going to have a blast with our gaming approach, you’re going to love our creative programming and ever-changing workout options that give you room to grow. REGYMEN combines interactive play and unparalleled program variety to drive member success to a new level, all in less than one hour.”


The master franchise rights agreement is a first-of-its-kind for REGYMEN, although the company previously launched studios within larger fitness clubs alongside their standalone offerings in the United States.


*The BOX program will initially remain off the REGYMEN schedule. GoodLife will introduce the BOX part of the REGYMEN workout when it is approved under regional and provincial public health regulations.


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