Gympass Year in Motion 2023

Gympass Year in Motion 2023

Gympass just released its Year in Motion 2023 report, highlighting fitness trends of the year based on how 2 million people checked in to gyms and wellness apps around the world. 


Here are some of the key findings:


Workouts are the new Happy Hour: 6pm and 7pm emerged as the clear favorites for workout times, with 5pm as the next most popular time.


Virtual Trainer Boom: There’s been a 44% YoY surge in the use of virtual trainers and well-being coaches, signaling a dynamic shift towards customized fitness solutions.


Pickleball Phenomenon: Gympass locations dedicated to pickleball experienced a 214% increase in check-ins, speaking to the growing demand for fun ways to socialize while also staying fit.


See the full report here: Gympass Year in Motion 2023

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