How do you Become a Top Employer?

How do you become the top employer?
By Paula Comfort

By Paula Comfort

Founding Partner and Chief Recruiter of HIRE GROUND TALENT, Member of the Board of Directors, Fitness Industry Council of Canada

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The #1 human resources goal for 2024 should be to attract and retain the right fit for your brand and be a top employer. But do you know how to do it?  After working with North America’s leading fitness brands, we realize how essential this is: you must have a detailed strategic plan around the top trends in an uncertain economy to make your hiring and retention process flawless.


Do you have an employer branding strategy? The competitive market makes this an absolute must. Employers must dig deep and refresh what is expected during challenging times. This is 2024, this is not 2000. We are in a new world with new employee demographics. We live in a data economy.  Do you know and understand your employee demographics? What is important to them and what is competitive – in terms of wages, benefits and growth possibilities?


In a data economy, employers must have a handle on employer branding statistics and goals around KPI’s. Today, to be a top employer, you need to offer an excellent compensation plan and really deliver on benefits that make sense. In our industry, we often take for granted mental health and balance. It is assumed being in fitness, wellness, and health care that “we’ve got this”; but do you?


Guess what? Most brands don’t. Nor do they have a clear strategy when it comes to taking care of their teams. We preach this to our clients and members but how about looking internally and taking care of your greatest asset.  What can you do for your employees that sets you apart from the pack?   Potential employees have bigger expectations and challenges today. What can you do to create a more flexible work environment to compete with remote and hybrid work environments.


When was the last time you analyzed and updated your job descriptions and branded recruitment posts? When was the last time you reviewed and updated your non compensatory benefits? Set new goals for your own business for hiring in 2024 – and create a task force to contribute to this. As a bonus: Empower your team to be involved in the process.


The best employers track the number of qualified applicants per role, the acceptance rate on offers, as well as retention and attrition rates. This would be a great starting point to evaluate your employer branding score. Do you really know who you are looking for, and what job they are looking for? Are you attracting the right candidates? Or, are you just posting and praying that the right candidates will appear in your inbox? Recruiting today requires a multi-faceted, omni-channel approach to optimize your talent pool. Your brand needs to stand out.


What is your employee value proposition? Do you have one?


Do you ask for feedback about your interview process and onboarding? The best brands have researched, data analyzed and provided a detailed recruitment plan down to the details for a very personal, exemplary candidate experience.


Do you know how engaged your current employees are? The best employers deliver on mission, values, and overall culture. They want to work there and they will often refer friends. Strategically, you should be assessing the culture climate and looking for gaps to close. Top employers have many resources to consistently get feedback. This new generation of employees desperately wants to be heard. Growth, flexibility, career paths and impact are key objectives for employees looking for their next chapter.


The fitness industry has been beyond resilient over the last few years, however, so has each team member individually. 2024 is about prioritizing your people strategy. 

Every organization is known for certain things when it comes to how it treats its employees. This “employer brand” is a key part of what attracts talent to a company."

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About Paula Comfort

Paula Comfort is not your average recruiter! With more than 25 years in the health, fitness, wellness industry, she has either personally performed or had direct reports in all departments within the industry. During her tenure she has been responsible for recruitment, developing and training employees, sales and marketing, member retention, operating capital budgets, start ups, operational guidelines and quality control.


For the last 13 years, Paula has been the Chief Recruiter for Hire Ground Talent (formerly 360impact Group) – Currently, with 4 other team members, Hire Ground Talent has developed a significant client database all over North America. Clients come from scaling boutique franchise brands, to traditional multi purpose, small studios, fitness technology brands, global equipment companies, digital tech., recovery and rehab, wellness and even medical industries. Hire Ground Talent has a rich database of industry candidates – most often HGT inspires the passive candidate to step up, grow and find their dream brand and career. Hire Ground Talent prides itself on adding value to clients during the process consulting on grow, organizational effectiveness, compensation, role profiles and employer branding.

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