How to Attract and Sign Up More Clients from Social Media

How to Attract and Sign Up More Clients from Social Media
By Sean Greeley, CEO of NPE

By Sean Greeley, CEO of NPE

The prospective clients you want for your studio or gym are already on social media looking for help.


Some studio/gym owners get tons of engagement – and attract lots of clients.


Far more owners struggle.


What we have learned here at NPE is that with a focused, targeted strategy, you do not have to be a celebrity and you don’t have to spend endless hours on social media.


Here’s what you need to do:


1. Sharpen your profiles

When  prospective clients hit your social media profiles, they need to know right away who you are, what you do, and what you want them to do.


Your profile is your prospective client’s first interaction with you. Be professional and approachable. Make your profile about your client, not you. In just a few words, communicate:


  1. The essential information of your business
  2. How someone can contact you
  3. Your consistent branding message and voice across all platforms
  4. An offer to get them started.


Start with your PHOTO. It’s a headshot where you are up close and personal – facing the camera, well-lighted, they can see your eyes, and you are smiling. That’s welcoming and builds trust.


2. Post content regularly that supports your business goals

Don’t post random content. No random food pics, or flex posts … or random workout pics.


Those posts may be interesting, but they don’t move prospective clients down a path that eventually leads them to engaging with you. You need a posting strategy aligned to your business goals. That means you post:

  1. “Awareness” content. Tell people who you are and what you do for your clients. Talk about your process. Share your story: the WHY behind your business..
  2. Growth or educational content. Educate people and establish yourself as a guide capable of leading your ideal client to achieving their goals.
  3. Promotional content. You’ll speak to the stakes of not taking action … the best and worst case of those costs. Share success stories and testimonials.


3. Turn visitors into leads and convert them into clients

The biggest reason fitness business owners stall on Social Media is lack of strategy and systems.They engage in random activity, hope for a miracle, and more often than not, achieve few to no results.

The strategy itself is pretty simple: Generate leads and follow up. You do this by:


1. Creating compelling offers. Your content needs to drive to an action of some kind. You want people to do something, not say what a nice person you are.


You do that by including offers. Drive people to your website to opt in for a free guide download. Ask them to subscribe if you have email notifications.

Best bet: Offer people a free consultation or a free trial. This is a powerful offer and creates good leads, because people who opt in are ready to talk and even commit.


2. Get involved in communities and create connections. Communities and connections are how you get noticed and grow. Your profile is the start. You want to leverage your friends lists, a business page, and join related groups. 


3. Engage conversations. This may seem obvious. But you need to welcome new contacts, reach out to them, nurture and uncover their challenges, and encourage them with an offer to take some action with you. You want them to begin their client journey with you and continue that journey until they are a client!



Success on Social Media starts with having the right strategy. Your Social Media profile needs to send an inviting and professional message to your ideal client.


Create a plan for creating content that will position you as the leader in solving your client’s biggest challenges. Include content that creates awareness of your solutions, demonstrates your credibility and promotes your services.


Make sure you have compelling offers that will motivate your ideal client to engage in some way, ideally to set up a consult or free trial. Then make connections and join communities so you begin to attract attention to your profiles. Finally, be ready to have conversations with people who engage: Always have a next step for them to take.

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About the Author

Sean Greeley, Founder and CEO of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for inspiring fitness professionals and business owners to realize their unlimited potential. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 53,000+ fitness professionals and business owners in 96+ countries grow their client base and income to the next level.

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