HyPACE Professional Helps Fitness Facilities Step Up their Disinfection Game

HyPACE Professional Helps Fitness Facilities Step Up their Disinfection Game

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2021 has been a tough year for the fitness industry in Canada. Gyms have been shuttered then required to work at reduced capacity. Members are frustrated, staff are hard to get and anxious about their work environment, and managers need to return the business to profit. When it comes to gym hygiene and sanitation, the old practice of having spray disinfectants and wipes on hand for member use, is proving insufficient to address the sheer volume of machines, equipment and weights that can become contaminated and in turn pose a risk to others. HyPACE Professional has a solution with a more comprehensive approach to fitness facility deep cleaning and infection prevention.


HyPACE Professional Integrated Performance Bundles consist of fast-acting disinfectants that are dispersed through electrostatic sprayers. They come with a handheld wand sprayer or a backpack sprayer for larger surface areas. The advantage of either solution over traditional methods are:

  • Faster, more even coverage versus disinfecting wipes or spray bottles
  • Avoids staff contact with facility equipment
  • Disinfects surfaces all around with electrostatic adhesion
  • Uses less chemicals
  • Avoids spray and wipe cross-contamination
  • Multiple use applications: weight rooms, spin cycles, gyms, daycare, locker rooms, showers, steam rooms

“Gyms and fitness facilities across Canada can now give their members the confidence and assurance they need to feel safe without breaking the bank” says HyPACE Professional CEO Mark Heller. “We’ve supplemented a gym’s reliance on their members to perform cleaning and disinfecting post workout and made it part of a gym’s infection prevention policy to protect staff and users alike” continues Heller. 


Up until now, performing a deep clean and disinfection of all machines, equipment and weights was a painstaking task that involved manually wiping down hundreds if not thousands of surfaces. It was a labour-intensive task that needed to be repeated every day, if not several times a day depending on usage. Now in a just matter of minutes, those same surfaces can be sprayed and allowed to air dry. The savings in time and labour cost is the main advantage clubs are realizing but it’s adherence to best infection prevention practices that is the principal benefit in the fight against this pandemic.


HyPACE bundles are turnkey solutions out of the box. “We’ve combined the best sprayer technology with Canada’s leading hospital-grade disinfectant and other accessories that take the headache out of gyms having to figure this all out for themselves” adds Heller. The bundles also include protocols tailored to fitness facilities and a pledge card that can be used to communicate your commitment to keeping your members safe. The new norm may never be a return to the old ways. Immunologists suggest the pandemic could become endemic—a reoccurring annual infection. Then there’s flu season and a host of other germs that can make their way onto the workout floor. A HyPACE bundle will provide for fast and efficient protection against all pathogens making for a safe and healthy environment for years to come.


For more information and demonstration videos, visit hypace.ca.

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