It’s High Time For A Fresh Look At Compensation In Fitness

It’s High Time For A Fresh Look At Compensation In Fitness
 By Nathalie Lacombe

By Nathalie Lacombe

The fitness industry has a relationship problem. Business owners and managers are struggling more than ever in finding the right staff and fitness pros aren’t working WITH them to build the compensation they want. 


As the cupid of the fitness industry, I absolutely see both sides and am here to help! Let’s not waste a crisis and use the current employment climate to break away from traditional compensation models. 


Fitness pros keep telling me they hate being seen as staff who just come in to teach their class or train their client, and then leave. They are paid as such; an hourly rate that compensates them for the time they are in the facility serving members/clients. They want to be seen as an integral part of the staff, as key to bringing in new clients and renewing memberships. 


Is this justified?


Yes, IF they walk the talk.


That means putting on our entrepreneurial hats regardless of our title or position or type of contract and understanding how to feed the needs of the business owners and decision-makers. Looking for a win-win involves getting comfortable with the risk and reward of compensation that differs from a “steady” hourly rate. 


Fitness owners and managers keep telling me they struggle finding fitness leaders who are engaged and loyal to the business. They want them to participate in the success of the business including social media campaigns, member recruitment, atmosphere, and culture in the facility, etc. 


Is this justified?


Yes, IF they are compensated as such. 


That means looking at new ways to negotiate compensation and understanding that their time and skills go beyond what they do inside your walls. Share your business goals and make them part of the bottom line. Select and coach beyond the minimum standards of certification and fitness skills and look for key players that will impact member service and business success. 


Inspired by this article that explains how the food industry is trying to lure workers back, here are a few ideas both sides can consider: 

  • Phenomenal company culture
  • Profit-sharing/compensation based on performance
  • Health benefits
  • Financial support for education
  • Growth and development plans


Food for thought for our fitness industry! 

Nathalie Lacombe, M. Sc.  Leadership coach and strategic partner. Joyfully taking your leadership and business to the next level!

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