Johnson Health Tech / Matrix Fitness Canada GIVES on GIVING TUESDAY

Johnson Health Tech / Matrix Fitness Canada GIVES on GIVING TUESDAY

Innovative Synca MC-J6950 recovery chair gifted to SickKids to improve health of more than 10,000 employees.

By Matrix Fitness Canada

By Matrix Fitness Canada

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Recovery is essential for all of us.


In fact, recovery is at the top of the 2024 fitness and wellness trend reports. Savvy fitness facilities, community centers and even retirement homes have embraced the trend of creating recovery zones, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would argue on the benefits of recovery and rejuvenation.


Who could be more deserving of recovery than Canadian healthcare workers?  Today, on Giving Tuesday, the Global Day of Philanthropy, Johnson Health Tech / Matrix Fitness Canada donated the Synca MC-J6950 recovery chair to SickKids in Toronto to acknowledge the tremendous work that healthcare workers and staff do everyday to support patients and families at the world’s leading pediatric hospital.


“We honor the incredible work undertaken every day at SickKids, and the endless ways that these healthcare workers take care of families in their most challenging times,” says Nasser Obeid, President of Johnson Health Tech Canada, whose brands include Matrix Fitness, Vision and Horizon. “On this Global Day of Giving, we want to give back in a small way.”


The Synca MC-J6950, a revolutionary massage chair that within minutes increases blood flow, releases tension in the body, can reduce back pain, improve sleep and boost mood, has recently been introduced into Canadian market. “Recovery is essential for us to be able to function properly,” says Obeid, a kinesiology graduate McMaster University. “Nurses spend hours on their feet every day – and in a very short period of time, the Synca MC-J6950 can help alleviate some of the wear and tear on the body. We hope it will improve their lives.”

According to a literature review, burnout is a significant issue facing the healthcare sector: long workdays, staff shortages, and the cumulative effects of COVID-care have taken a toll on nurses and healthcare workers. And whilst providing a recovery chair will not solve the problem of burnout, Johnson Health Tech Canada is hopeful that the recovery benefits will have a small impact.


Johnson Health Tech is proud to be using this gift as a starting point for a deeper relationship with SickKids. “Our global mission is to improve health and wellbeing. Working with SickKids is another path forward in helping Johnston Health Tech Canada achieve this vision.”


The Synca MC-J6950 recovery chair is commercial grade, made with hypoallergenic materials that is easy to sanitize, and is already being used in recovery zones in gyms and community centers and will be entering the active aging / retirement communities in 2024. 


“Our staff work in a fast paced and high stress environment that can be physically demanding. Massage chairs are great as they provide a convenient and accessible way for our staff to relax and rejuvenate during their workday,” says Laura Alexander, Director of Occupational Health & Safety, Sick Kids.  “Massage chairs can contribute to improved overall well-being by promoting relaxation and reducing stress, they can also help alleviate common issues like muscle tension and stiffness.”


Giving Tuesday is a global initiative of philanthropic endeavors. Johnson Health Tech Canada is proud to be part of a Global company that supports the advancement of physical and mental health.

In 2001, Johnson Health Tech launched Matrix to bring premium fitness equipment to the marketplace. Fueled by cross-cultural collaboration, today Matrix offers a complete line of cardio, strength, and group training equipment for health clubs, luxury resorts, and collegiate athletic teams, plus club-quality equipment reimagined for the home. For more information, visit

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