Join Fitness Industry Professionals at the canfitpro 2021 Online Global Conference & Trade Show, August 13-14

Join Fitness Industry Professionals at the canfitpro 2021 Online Global Conference & Trade Show, August 13-14

canfitpro online events have provided a unique opportunity to connect, educate and inspire thousands of fitness professionals across the globe.


The canfitpro 2021 Online: Global Conference & Trade Show offers over 110 workshops and workouts, lectures, keynotes and networking opportunities in over a dozen specialized education areas including Personal Training, Group Fitness, Mind-Body Wellness, Business Success, Active Aging, Nutrition and more.


With a new online platform unique to the canfitpro 2021 Online: Global Conference & Trade Show event, delegates can create you’re their own personalized online schedule, engage and network with exhibitors through an interactive trade show experience, be in the front row of canfitpro’s keynote address and annual awards ceremony, and participate in contests.


Business Success Track Session Highlights

(For a complete listing of all Business Success Track Sessions, visit canfitpro 2021 Global Conference session listings)

Opening Keynote – The Fitness Future: Rules of Engagement

Presented by Ian Mullane


For an exhilarating vision of the fitness future, and invaluable insights around how to thrive in it, don’t miss this fascinating keynote. Drawing on his recent white paper, Ian will outline his six rules for success in the new digital reality. In doing so, he will challenge delegates to ask searching questions of themselves, starting with the big one: If gyms are no longer the sole guardians of consumer wellness, what role will you play?

A Prescription to Get Active: A Movement to Improve Canadian’s Health

Facilitated by Maureen (Mo) Hagan and Jeff Tareta with Sara Hodson & Scott Wildeman


A one-of-a-kind conversation between the top experts at the interface of exercise and medicine. Come and learn about a growing vital movement in Canada– “Prescription To Get Active”. Hear how this program is motivating and connecting health care practitioners, patients and fitness providers to build a healthier Canada. Learn how this program can positively impact your membership and business now and for years to come. Discover how you can become involved and reap the benefits for your own business. This session is sponsored by the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC).

The Future of Fitness: Global Trends

Presented by Emma Barry


Fitness industry legend Emma Barry delights in digging for game-changing insights from her 25 years on the road working with some of the most influential global fitness brands. Join her in this session to cover the macrotrends changing the face of fitness, the new truths in the new world and top tips to rock the business of fitness, regardless of where you operate in the ecosystem.

State of the Fitness Industry: Leadership in Action

Facilitated by Scott Wildeman and Maureen (Mo) Hagan with Debby Carreau, Paula Comfort, David Hardy and guest Sheldon McBee


Join this session to elevate your awareness of what is happening in the fitness industry and the advocacy efforts and actions taking place that will impact your business and career. Distinguished panelists and industry experts will share best leadership practices and insights they have harnessed and, provide you will invaluable advise to move yourself forward and ensure you are ready and resilient to serve the world in the future. This session is sponsored by FIC—Fitness Industry Council of Canada.

Give Your Brand & Business a Voice: The Power and Potentiality of Podcasting

Facilitated by Nathalie Lacombe with Christine Conti, Gareth Nock, Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson and Sarah Pelligrino


Podcasts have boomed – becoming one of the most popular learning platforms for all generations—and their influence and popularity is only expected to continue growing! This platform provides fitness professionals an exciting opportunity to raise their voices and generate conversation on topics that matter. Learn from current fitness, business and lifestyle podcasters about how you can use the expanding platform of a podcast for sharing your knowledge, showcase your expertise, reach a broader audience, and amplify your brand and influence like never before.


Effective Leaders Build Trust: Getting Quick and Long Term Positive Results from your Team

Presented by Carl Ulmer


Leadership traits and strategies shared by leaders all over the world rarely change. However, it Is the effectiveness of those strategies that are the key to your success. Learn how you can facilitating positive change and gain results quickly in your workplace by successfully building trust.

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