Keep and Attract Members with Body Composition Analysis

Keep and Attract Members with Body Composition Analysis

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InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer helps members at the BAO Institute for Healthy Living efficiently reach their health and fitness goals

By Sydney Ireland

The BAO Institute for Healthy Living is a locally-owned fitness facility located in Georgetown, Ontario. Brian Bahm, owner of the BAO and a resident of Georgetown for almost two decades, is on a mission to educate people to help them lead healthier lives.

BAO facility

The BAO facility offers several amenities, including a large studio with equipment for yoga and Pilates classes and bikes, a large weightlifting area with cardio machines, barbells, exercise machines and dumbbells, and a private room for kickboxing and kettlebell classes. Additional services and amenities offered at the BAO include a sauna, hydrotherapy massage chair, fitness consultations, personal training and lifestyle coaching, plus smoothies and supplements for sale.


But when it comes to member attraction and retention, the BAO considers its InBody 570 body composition analyzer to be an integral component of its service offerings.




Part of the BAO Institute’s mission is to encourage originality, innovation and promote enthusiasm in meeting the requirements of members. Brian and his team support this mission in multiple ways to ensure they are caring for each member. Members are encouraged to use all the services offered by the BAO, especially the InBody 570 body composition analyzer, which was added to their offerings after the first wave of the pandemic.


The InBody 570 accurately measures various components of the body, including skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, and body fat percentage. The InBody assessment results and analysis reports allow Brian and his staff to create an effective and unique fitness and lifestyle plan for each member.

“I first discovered the InBody 570 at the Canfitpro conference and loved it immediately. I knew we had to have it.”


When a client joins the BAO they are encouraged to choose its VIP membership package. This gives them 24/7 access to the studio and weightlifting room, as well as access to additional services, such assessment with the InBody 570. Ideally, new members sign up for their initial InBody assessment so they can begin to immediately track their progress and goals. 


No matter how long a member has been at the BAO, Brian is always promoting the facilities personal training and fitness consultations as the most effective way for members to progress and improve their overall health.

“When we see someone on the gym floor who might not be doing something correctly, we want to help. We offer some pointers, help clean up their form, maybe change the weight they are using, and make sure they’re going at a good tempo and intensity. We really want to help people see the results they desire.”

Staff members focus on building relationships with all new members, helping make them feel welcome and encouraging them to workout consistently. The BAO’s goal is to have high new-membership sign-ups along with strong retention and participation rates.

If you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know where you’re going. We want to show our members how they are succeeding.”

To meet this goal, staff members ask members about the classes they are attending and check to see how confident they are feeling with their exercise programs and with the machines. Staff members continually encourage members to sign up for fitness consultations and personal

training, both of which include use of the InBody 570. The combination of the InBody assessments and personal training allows the personal trainers to tailor and shift members’ goals as they make progress with their fitness.



The InBody 570 has had an enormous impact on the success of the BAO Institute. It is responsible for members losing body fat mass and feeling that their pants are looser; members are able to lift heavier; and they have added skeletal muscle in their upper and lower bodies.

“The InBody tells you the ‘why’ when you’re feeling good about the progress you’ve made. And it shows our members just how much potential there is to improve their health.”

An excellent aspect of the InBody 570 is its ability to present and interpret assessment results in a positive manner. First, the results sheet tracks eight weeks of progress for overall weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, and body water ratio. This is a great feature as it allows the member to see how their body is changing even if the number on the scale remains steady. Additionally, because the InBody assesses multiple aspects of body composition, there is plenty of opportunity to focus on positive changes going on in the body. For example, even if a member’s muscle mass has not increased their fat mass may have decreased. Seeing that there is forward progress being made helps keep members engaged and motivated.


Overall, the InBody 570 has been a great addition for BAO members, and Brian is sure that it will continue to be an important sales tool for the club. As members continue to return to fitness facilities post-pandemic, Brian and his team continue to encourage members to use the InBody 570 to most efficiently reach their health and fitness goals.

Sydney Ireland is a recent graduate of the Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion Graduate Certificate program at Centennial College. Her interests in physical health and fitness led her to completing her placement with InBodyCanada. Her responsibilities included researching the Canadian Wellness Industry, connecting with health and wellness companies, and providing wellness ideas and solutions that InBodyCanada could implement in the future.


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