Marvel Partners with Zombies Run! Creator to Launch Audio Workouts

Marvel partners with Zombies Run! creator to launch audio workouts

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Marvel is launching a new fitness adventure app, allowing people to take part in workouts next to heroes such as Thor, Wolverine and Hulk.

The entertainment giant has partnered with Six to Start – creator of the popular fitness game, Zombies, Run! – to create a narrative-led fitness experience.

Set to launch later this year (2023), Marvel Move will offer a running adventure which will merge entertainment with exercise through characters from Marvel’s cinematic universe.

With regular new workouts and ongoing storylines, users of all abilities can choose to walk, jog, or run through interactive audio narratives that will transport runners into the Marvel Universe.

The Marvel-based storylines will place the exerciser as the main character and users will have full control over the time or distance of their runs.

They can then enable “chases” when they want to intensify their workout and can track their activity whether they’re outdoors, on a treadmill or in a wheelchair.

Users can also enroll on pre-designed 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon training programmes.

Storylines will include “Thor & Loki: Asgard 5K Training”, featuring 24 fully-voiced workouts over eight weeks. The programme is designed to take the user from zero running experience to being capable of running a full 5K.

Adrian Hon, CEO and co-founder of Six to Start, which was acquired in 2021 by OliveX, said: “There’s nothing more motivating than combining exercise and storytelling.

“Ten years of making the world’s best-selling smartphone fitness game, Zombies, Run!, have taught us that epic adventures with characters you love can make you go that extra mile.

“Our collaboration with Marvel will deliver that same powerful motivation to millions more.

“Storytelling is the 21st century’s dominant form of entertainment. We’re incredibly excited to help fans of the Marvel Universe achieve their fitness goals with their favorrite characters – and turn them into heroes themselves.”

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