Matrix Fitness Canada Supports Fitness Business Owners with Exceptional Offer

Matrix Fitness Canada Supports Fitness Business Owners with Exceptional Offer

Photo: Nasser Obeid, President of Johnson Health Tech/Matrix Fitness Canada

By Matrix Fitness Canada

By Matrix Fitness Canada

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In the last year, Nasser Obeid, President of Johnson Health Tech/Matrix Fitness Canada, has listened attentively on Fitness Industry Council of Canada meetings to the reality facing business owners. He has heard the stories of resilience in the face of huge challenges, of small business owners who aren’t sure if they will be able to pay back their CEBA loans, and of Canadians working 24/7 to regain members lost in the pandemic, the ones wearing all the caps – operations, marketing, videographer – to make help their businesses thrive.


“Every time I sit in on these meetings, I am impressed with the Canadian fitness industry. They wake up every morning to run businesses that change lives,” says Obeid.


At the same time, Obeid sees what is happening globally – the way technology is leading the fitness industry, what gyms will need in 2024 to gain and retain members, and what those members expect from their facility. “We have sales reps who are going into gyms that haven’t upgraded their equipment in over a decade,” says Obeid. “Meanwhile, members are demanding more from their facility – and the competition is fierce. You can’t have old bikes and rusted dumbbells – you will lose members to the gym down the street that has brand new equipment. If your equipment keeps breaking down – you are wasting time and money.”


According to industry leaders, there are few investment decisions that will impact ROI and the success of your fitness business more than upgrading fitness equipment. In fact, according to the report IHRSA Buying Equipment for Your Club: A Purchasing Strategy eight out of the top 10 club attractions for members are equipment related.


Obeid looked at what is happening in Canada, where fitness clubs have been in the last four years and made a call to his preferred leasing department to find a solution: Matrix clients can lease fitness equipment now, and do not need to make payments until April 2024.


“Many gym owners don’t have the cash flow to upgrade, when upgrading will give them the cash flow they need. Potential members are going to walk into your gym January 2nd, and you want to impress them,” said Obeid. “This is a business strategy, but at its heart it is strategy based on compassion for the reality facing many Canadian business owners in 2023.”


Matrix Fitness Canada, a division of Johnson Health Tech, is the fastest growing commercial brand in the world, and has more than 50,000 pieces of Matrix equipment in gyms, hotels, condos, universities, community centres, YMCAs, businesses and homes all across the country. Matrix Sales teams work hard to create solutions for any business. “Every day, we wake up with a core mission to be a partner to the fitness industry,” says Obeid.


Whether it is new treadmill for performance, endurance or lifestyle, or strength equipment like the Matrix Glute Trainer bringing our Connected Solutions platform to your facility to engage your members in new ways, the team from Matrix Fitness Canada will find the right solution to get clubs ready for the January 2024 rush. A sales representative will determine your needs and get the equipment installed into your facility as quickly as possible.


“We are confident that January 2024 will be the biggest membership drive in the history of the Canadian fitness industry,” says Obeid. “Worldwide, our Matrix partners are seeing the trend of people returning to the gym in record numbers. Through our preferred leasing partners, we want to help Canadian business owners prepare for this by upgrading their equipment now and settling their accounts next spring! If you build a beautiful gym, they will come!”

To reach out to a Matrix Sales Representative, click here.

In 2001, Johnson Health Tech launched Matrix to bring premium fitness equipment to the marketplace. Fueled by cross-cultural collaboration, today Matrix offers a complete line of cardio, strength, and group training equipment for health clubs, luxury resorts, and collegiate athletic teams, plus club-quality equipment reimagined for the home. For more information, visit

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