More Digital for the Restart of Fitness Clubs

More Digital for the Restart of Fitness Clubs


The new Mywellness Platform 6.0 and Technogym App


After months of lockdown, people all over the world are returning to the gym with great enthusiasm. They are doing it rapidly and with an unprecedented digital awareness, gained over the past year.


The development of digital fitness represents a great opportunity for fitness clubs in the post-Covid era. Many people who were unable to go to the gym during the lockdown, trained at home, kept being active and are now ready and eager to return to the gym. Moreover, those who first approached exercise digitally, during the pandemic now have the opportunity to fully enjoy their training experience, as only a professional fitness club can allow. On the other hand, those who stopped training during the lockdown are now more resistant to return to the gym.


The future fitness business model will be hybrid: people will work out at home and at the gym, in the same way that they go to a restaurant and use a home delivery service. In this new scenario, digital will  allow clubs to ride the wave of change as an opportunity.


Technogym for over 20 years, has been developing a digital ecosystem made of software,  content, smart equipment and services; and now, to support fitness operators and educate end-users, the innovation continues with the launch of Mywellness 6.0 and Technogym App.


Mywellness 6.0 is an open CRM software platform that enables clubs to improve member’s experience and accelerate attraction, retention and secondary spend. Mywellness allows the operator to personalise the experience of each individual user and to deliver training programs and classes produced by the club to members, even at home with on-demand videos. The new Mywellness app adds the possibility for the club to leverage the hybrid model, continuing to manage from training to billing in the gym, and sell services (personal training sessions, classes and routines) to members even at home in a pay-per-use or subscription mode.


Technogym App represents the ideal solution for clubs that do not have the integrated Mywellness platform and wish to offer their members a wide library of on-demand video training experiences developed by Technogym and  a coach, based on artificial intelligence, that creates and proposes the most suitable programs for the end-user’s needs and goals, that constantly evolves based on results, integrated and connected with Technogym equipment. There’s also a revenue sharing model for clubs using Technogym App: members access a promotional rate for premium services and the club will receive a portion of the subscription paid by its members.


Technogym App represents a great opportunity for operators to attract new members to their clubs thanks to the credibility of the Technogym brand built up over 37 years of history, available in the best hotels and corporate facilities in over 100 countries and official supplier of 8 Olympic Games.

Mywellness app: how does it work?


The operator sets up services and content using Mywellness, the CRM platform for managing the fitness center members: from attraction to retention and secondary spending through assessment, programming, tracking, rewarding, analytics, etc.


The operator can also configure the customer journey to be proposed to each different member profile based on passions and aspirations: programs, services, the interaction of the staff with the member, automatic notifications in the app.


When the customer subscribes to the fitness center, he or she is invited to download the Mywellness app, which becomes the reference point for all the wellness services offered in the centre. On the Mywellness app the clients will find their personalised training program, their progress results, their classes to book, their challenges offered by the centre, their personal trainer and many other services.


With Mywellness 6.0, the customer access also to services that can be used anywhere and at any time. Live classes, On Demand workouts, individual Personal Training sessions offered in streaming, are just a few examples of services that can be booked, used and/or purchased directly from the Mywellness App.


Technogym App: how does it work?


Technogym App guides the user in obtaining the “maximum results in minimum time” and in a safer  way with personalized  training programs and on-demand video libraries. Whether the goal is to stay fit, or increase performance in sport, or simply improve health Technogym Coach adapts training to the needs and passions of the user, in the club, at home, outdoors and when traveling, monitoring results.


Technogym Coach, the digital trainer of Technogym App, based on artificial intelligence, guides the user step by step with tailored workouts, the Precision Programs, adapted to personal goals, progression, time and available equipment.


Each day Technogym app suggests a workout based on the user’s goal, combining the different components: warm-up, cardio, strength and recovery. Each part of the workout is guided by a trainer who shows the exercises and provides tips and motivation. Depending on where the user is, he or she can change the list of available equipment to make the most of each training opportunity.


As an alternative to the daily Precision Program suggested by the Technogym Coach the user can choose from  the  wide  on-demand  library the  exclusive  Signature Programs dedicated to sport, the Technogym Routines dedicated to specific muscle groups or fitness goals, or the Technogym Sessions, video lessons guided by the trainer.

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