Nautilus, Inc. Relaunches BowFlex® Brand

Nautilus, Inc. Relaunches BowFlex® Brand

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New identity reflects the home fitness leader's commitment to helping consumers build a lifetime love of movement

Nautilus, Inc. is relaunching the BowFlex® brand identity with a new visual system and brand philosophy linking the brand to the idea that fitness isn’t about fitting into a pair of jeans or someone else’s idea of perfection, it’s about feeling good every time you move. BowFlex customers are driven to exercise by the strong and focused feeling an amazing cardio or strength workout delivers, and the new brand identity expands on the BowFlex name to encompass that experience and inform the design and function of new products coming later in the year –– and beyond.


“It was time for the BowFlex brand to convey how our products support what we already believe: Your best self isn’t ‘out there’ in a different shape or size or in a particular workout –– it’s already inside you. Fitness is no longer about mind over matter; it’s about being mindful of what matters to you,” said Michael Robinson, Creative Director, Nautilus, Inc. “Our redefined brand identity is empowering, inclusive, and reflects the joy that comes from movement. With the new BowFlex brand identity, we’re sending a strong message to our consumers to move toward what matters the most to you –– not to anyone else.”


Expressive color and photography are introduced with the new BowFlex branding to convey a range of emotions, from hope and determination to the joy of movement. Every detail of the redesigned BowFlex logo displays the brand’s commitment to moving to feel: The brand symbol encourages customers to look inward and draw attention to how we feel, while the brand typeface is unique, modern, and friendly. The intentional capitalization of “F” signals the brand’s newness, and intentionality of movement and redefining strength.


“For more than three decades, the BowFlex brand has produced some of the most innovative home fitness products this industry has seen, and we’re proud of the legacy we’ve built with our flagship brand. But the way today’s consumers think about fitness has radically changed,” said Jim Barr, Chief Executive Officer, Nautilus, Inc. “As a consumer-first company, we are deeply focused on delivering products that meet our customers where they are today and throughout their lifelong fitness journey. From our wildly popular SelectTech strength product line to the unique features of our VeloCore bike and our AI-driven, adaptive fitness platform JRNY®, we are redefining what a personalized, connected fitness experience really is –– with a new BowFlex brand identity to match.”


Updated brand captures consumer motivations

Nautilus evaluated leading creative agencies worldwide, selecting transformation consultancy COLLINS to help with the challenge of casting off the brand’s deeply rooted association with late-night infomercials and the Power Rod Home Gym –– even as the company expanded its product range and extended its quality and innovation to include award-winning cardio and strength products.


The discovery phase of the brand work revealed the tension consumers feel between their own motivations for working out and a desire to look good, as well as a desire for workouts that ensure healthy balance and alternatives for days when “crushing it” isn’t an option. The new BowFlex brand voice, logo, and imagery represent consumers’ aspirations and realities alike.


Products deliver meaningful experiences

The refreshed brand identity will appear across all BowFlex marketing channels, including, and new products coming later in 2023 will express the brand’s attributes through more intuitive design features and functionality. What isn’t changing is the personalized experience consumers appreciate in BowFlex products, from dumbbell weight increments that allow for more gradual progression, to cardio features that create the realistic sensory experience of leaning into a curve or climbing a hill.


The JRNY adaptive fitness platform further enhances BowFlex equipment with an individualized, connected fitness experience. With each session, JRNY recommends a unique selection of workout options aptly named “Just for You,” tailored to an individual’s progress and potential based on their usage. And now, the JRNY app with Motion Tracking provides intelligent guidance in real time so users can adjust their form, as well as access automatic rep counting and adaptive weight targets.


“The fitness industry tends to be a sea of sameness, but with our rebranding we are proud to deliver something different: a brand that embraces the individuality of our customers,” said Becky Alseth, Chief Marketing Officer, Nautilus, Inc. “Success in fitness doesn’t have to be tied to counting calories, getting shredded, or changing the number on the scale. It’s about getting moving and showing up for a workout, even a short one, and that’s the new BowFlex.”

To view the new BowFlex brand identity and its elements, visit Media may download brand identity elements here.

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