Orangetheory® Fitness Continues Partnership with InBody to Provide Members Body Composition and Heart Rate Analytics

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Health and wellness has been a focal point since the initial onset of the pandemic as many individuals quickly recognized the importance of prioritizing personal health.


After many months of living in a sedentary, stagnant world, the desire to live an active, vibrant life has never been higher. Orangetheory Fitness, the global fitness brand known for its results-driven and science-based full-body workouts, recognized the need to have real-time health information available for its members and partnered with InBody to offer its valuable insights across studios worldwide.


Through this partnership, Orangetheory Fitness members can now choose to take a 15-second InBody Test, a research-backed body composition analysis, at more than 1,400 participating studio locations. The InBody Test allows members to get an accurate and reliable breakdown of their body composition – objectively measuring and tracking their progress in key areas including muscle mass, body fat percentage, and metabolic rate.


“We are excited to continue to collaborate and grow our partnership with Orangetheory Fitness because we believe in their mission to blend science and technology to inspire health and wellness,” says Harry Yun, CEO of InBody USA. “Orangetheory Fitness boasts an impressive list of interactive workout technology for their members and adding the InBody Test will complement the heart rate and performance data to give members a complete picture that they can take advantage of to achieve results.”


“At Orangetheory, we live by the motto, ‘More Life, More Energy’ and we take every measure possible to deliver on this motto by enhancing the member experience at every turn,” says Dr. Rachelle Reed, PhD and Director of Fitness Science at Orangetheory Fitness. “Introducing InBody’s body composition technology throughout our studios globally enables us to connect with our members in a much more impactful and meaningful way by providing further access to technology to give members more insights into their health and fitness goals.”


Orangetheory is a science-backed group interval training workout designed to produce results from the inside out. The coaches encourage members to wear a heart rate monitor during class to see how they progress through each of the five target heart rate zones. Based on the number of minutes spent in each zone, members can determine how to adjust intensity levels to meet their personal health goals.


With access to the InBody Test, Orangetheory members can now connect the options they select during class to improvements in their body composition. Through the Orangetheory app, members can review class results and discover how spending 12 or more minutes in the high-intensity “Orange Zone” translates to more than just fat-burning potential. By integrating InBody’s BIA technology to the Orangetheory app, members can track changes in lean mass, fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, percent body fat, metabolic rate, and much more.


As part of our shared mission of a more vibrant and energetic life, InBody is proud to support Orangetheory members during the Transformation Challenge, which is held every January around the start of the new year. Members can now register for the challenge where they will be required to and attend three classes per week for six of the eight weeks. At the conclusion of the challenge, male and female winners are announced for each studio based on the highest relative percentage of body fat lost. This will be calculated and measured by the InBody at varying intervals throughout the course of the eight weeks.


The combination of InBody’s advanced body composition analysis and Orangetheory’s game-changing technology enables the global fitness brand to advance its mission by giving members more advanced tools to capture real-time performance data, measure workout results, and set new fitness goals.

To learn more about Orangetheory Fitness, visit  Orangetheory’s website


To learn more about InBody’s Professional Body Composition Analyzers, visit the InBody website.

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