Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

September Coaches Corner: Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

By Kelly Berry


We asked some of our Fitness Revolution Success Coaches two questions about moving into the online space. Every day, they talk to independent gym owners across the country and share their combined decades of experience in guiding them to success. Here’s a look at their answers.

Now, more than ever, identifying what you need to change and taking swift action can mean the difference between being profitable and being bankrupt by the end of the year. Overcoming “analysis paralysis” is crucial to creating and continuing positive business momentum.


1. What symptoms do you identify in fitness business owners that indicate they may be struggling with analysis paralysis?


2. What is your best advice for overcoming a pattern of overanalyzing and lack of action?

Success Coach Craig Myers:


1. Simple tasks take longer than they should, and important decisions take even longer. Another symptom is changing things up too often because you’re over-analyzing every detail and expecting perfection.


2. For ordinary tasks, set a goal for how many you can finish within a certain time. With big decisions, accept that sometimes you don’t have all the information. Have confidence in yourself to make the decision. Leverage your resources, like our coaching, to speed things up and provide perspective.

Success Coach Ben Ludwig:


1. It’s easy to compare yourself to others – How is everyone else doing virtual training, how are they marketing, etc. I see so many owners deviating from their long-term visions and following rabbit trails until it’s hard for them to answer “how and why” their decisions are tied to their goals.


2. Make sure whatever decisions you make align with your long-term vision, and don’t fear making the wrong decisions. Your clients will appreciate you trying to make the most of your situation, and they are more willing to endure through your struggles than you might think.

Success Coach Asa Ivers:


1. Fitness business owners who struggle with analysis paralysis also struggle with fear and trepidation.We have a tendency to be perfectionists. I see many owners over-scrutinizing adaptations or ventures, and hesitating to make any changes.


2. First off, organization is key; prioritize the lowest-hanging fruit. Second, the KISS rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Your delivery might have kinks to work out, and that’s OK. Third, prioritize yourself to ensure you are staying well.

Success Coach Mike Allen:


1. They tend to avoid making decisions, then change them and stress out. They usually over-plan and under-execute. A history of being a perfectionist or a deep thinker can amplify their analysis paralysis in times of increased risk or high demand.


2. Be aware of the signs. Identify the cost to you and your business. Take full responsibility by realizing it’s a choice. And break the pattern — set deadlines, or create a rule against revisiting decisions.

Success Coach Madison Allen:


1. Taking too long to make a decision; gathering more research than needed; getting more stressed in general. When they’re grasping for certainty and are unwilling to take any calculated risk, that’s a big symptom of cumbersome overthinking.


2. First, determine which business decisions are worth your time, energy and efforts. Not all decisions are created equal. Second, make deadlines for decisions and projects; discuss this with your coach.

Success Coach Pamela MacElree:


1. Right now, everything is constantly changing, so we have to act swiftly. I’m not suggesting that you act without thinking, but rather to not wait for perfection and just take some action to move the needle forward.


2. Refer to your long-term vision frequently. Each day be sure you’re doing something to move you forward. Make sure you are not the person stopping you from achieving your goals.

Let’s discuss these and other management challenges in your free consultation with a Fitness Revolution Success Coach. Schedule it today.


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