Own the Rest of 2020! 120 Days for Our Industry to Reset and Refocus

By Paula Comfort

By Paula Comfort

360impact Group

September.  Change of season. A time of renewal for many.  September 2020 is no different. In many ways, more than ever before it is paramount to slow down, reset, refocus and recharge.  The pandemic is still here and will remain a constant indefinitely.  Time to get control and take the next 120 days to really do something for yourself and for your future.


Think back to January 2020. What goals did you set?  Don’t beat yourself up if during the last 120 days you were ‘sidetracked.’ Who wasn’t! Reflect back on the goals you consciously set.  Perhaps they are still your top priorities or perhaps you need to reset and refocus.


Yes, COIVD-19 has dramatically changed our industry, however, I challenge you to find the good and the opportunities.  Here are some thoughts to stimulate your thinking as you reset and refocus for the balance of 2020:


  • Slow down and communicate. If you are a leader of a team, go the extra mile to plan, prepare and over communicate your brand strategy and plan.  Leave no stone unturned.  Everyone within your organization needs to feel their importance and want to give their input.


  • Culture eats strategy for lunch. Take care of your people. If you lead a team, reach out to each person individually. Ideally, this is done in person but can also be done via text, Zoom, What’s App, private Facebook groups or other mainstream communication apps today.


  • Train your teams. After being locked down for months, communication skills are lacking. Personal connection, what to say, and how to say it is critical when your brand might be under the microscope for trust and integrity. 


  • Digital engagement strategy. Internally and externally this should be a top initiative. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a bigger brand, it is mandatory today to have digital presence. 


  • Self care. What are you doing to minimize your stress levels and take care of #1. Our industry, members, teams and your own personal network need you more than ever before. You need to be strong, healthy and balanced. This is our commitment to who we are so show up and show up healthy. 



  • Look outside of your day to day.  Find a mentor. Join a new group of people to expand your thinking.  Many roundtables and associations that can help.


  • Marketing and Sales. You better have a detailed strategy in place. 


Make it happen. It is up to you.  So many exceptional opportunities for those that have the courage and fortitude to stop, reflect and reset.  Harness what you want and what you can control. Own the rest of 2020 and walk into 2021 with strength and self love.  This IS your time.  Go for it. 

With over 25 years’ progressive experience in the Health Club industry, Paula has leveraged records of double-digit growth and record-setting launches, to champion the success of both emerging and established brands in the highly-competitive, health and fitness space. As Vice President of the Sports Clubs of Canada/Bally Total Fitness, she was accountable for the Canadian operation of 23 locations.  She then joined the senior leadership team of Spa Chakra, a New York based spa and fitness company, where she was Managing Director of fitness and proceeded to open 13 locations in luxury hotels around the world.  

Currently, she a proud Partner of the 360 Impact Group, where she delivers comprehensive strategic planning, recruitment services, management coaching, employee training, climate surveys, mystery shopping, sales and marketing services, and human resources support. She is also a partner in a boutique fitness club, eMbody Fitness Clubs.  Since 2012, Paula has been a writer for Fitness Business Canada magazine.  She resides in the Beach community in Toronto with her husband and three daughters.


Email Paula at paula@360impactgroup.com or visit www.360impactgroup.com.

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