[PART 3] Social Media Mistakes To Stop Committing

social media marketing
By Fitness Revolution

By Fitness Revolution

Your marketing plan should always include social media. If it doesn’t, then you may not draw in the clients you’re currently looking for.


In part one of our 4-part series… We covered the top 2 mistakes you’re making when it comes to posting and creating engagement on social media.


And in part 2…we dived in deeper.


Today, we are going to give the next two mistakes…and give you a much clearer picture on why you need to correct them…


…and the impact it could have on your business.


Why You Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy?


Before we get into the mistakes…I want to reiterate why social media marketing needs to be part of your online marketing strategy.


Besides running ads on Google…Instagram…or Facebook…


It’s important for you to build a raving fan base, by posting quality content that falls more in line with your brand. It could be memes…short videos…live Q and A…


Whatever the media you choose to deliver your content…you need to make sure you’re doing it well.


Because there’s a good chance that potential clients are looking for your services—but they don’t even know you exist.


This is why your social media marketing strategy is so important…and could significantly impact your overall business.


Now that you understand why posting on Facebook and Twitter are important for growing your business…


Let’s move on to the next two mistakes to avoid when crafting your social media post.


Two Mistakes That Limit Social Media Growth


Here are two more mistakes that could be preventing you from driving in more traffic to your gym:


5. Not Posting Consistently


It will take some time…but you have better consistency with posting. What I am saying is you should be posting quality content every day.


Some gyms do…and they are successful.


And the gyms that don’t, may end up suffering in the long run. When you’re able to post consistently, you’re able to build a following and deliver the content they want to read.


Although you want your posts to have a dramatic impact right away…It may take months or years to build a following and really build your engagement.


Even if you think people aren’t reading what you post…


They are. And the more frequently you can post…the more you will be in front of your target audience.


It’s worth your time to keep posting every day.


6. Not Using Tools At Your Disposal


Posting consistently each day is one way to build a more engaged audience. However, sometimes it’s easy to forget, which prevents your potential market from engaging with you.


How can you remedy this?


There are various social media tools available that allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, and track how well those posts do.


This makes it a super easy and convenient way to build a more engaged audience. You can schedule all your posts for the week on one day…so it’s a literal “schedule it, and forget it” scenario.


These tools are easy to use, and may take your social media marketing strategy to a whole new level.


The Take Home Message


Building your social media marketing strategy is a great way to get your business in front of potential leads.


But, if you’re making these mistakes in your marketing…


Then these potential customers may not know you exist…or even how you can help them. By fixing these social media marketing mistakes…you may see your engagement numbers climb, and more potential leads inquiring about your services.

Fitness Revolution helps fitness business owners build and scale successful businesses they love running. Through Strategic Business Coaching, powerful tools and metrics, and live training events, FR is able to help these studio owners tackle their biggest, most pressing challenge. For more information, visit https://frnation.com/.

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