Personal Trainer Platform Trainer Traker Launches in Canada

Personal Trainer Platform Trainer Traker Launches in Canada

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The last few years have been extremely difficult for everyone, including personal trainers. From lockdowns to gym closures, the personal training industry has been affected and hit hard. Over this period of time, Trainer Traker has spoken to dozens of personal trainers across North America and Europe to get their input on what would help them increase business efficiency and grow their business.


Trainer Traker aims to help personal trainers easily manage their business, from schedule management and client SMS reminders, a built in workout log and workout libraries, to a client measurement tracker and trend chart.


“We went cold calling and messaging PTs across Canada, and internationally to get their feedback and input. We built a solution based on the input of industry professionals, and a solution we believe is needed. Trainers still to this day have paper binders full of client data and no way to easily manage their clients. Trainer Traker actually solves all that, and more. It gives trainers and their clients a way to manage everything online,” says Founder of Trainer Traker, Gianluca Astorino.


Up until now, Trainers would, and still do have binders full of papers with client measurement data, sign off sheets for each completed session, and so much more. Trainer Traker solves all of those problems, while giving trainers and their clients an easy to use dashboard to access any of this information in real time, any place at any time.


“We took the most important parts of a personal trainer’s business and brought it into one, easy to use platform. We’re super excited to see where Trainer Traker takes us, and excited to work with personal trainers globally to bring this to every trainer’s pocket,” adds Astorino.

To find out more and sign up for Trainer Traker for free, visit

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