Podcast: Packaging Online Options


This Podcast by Nick Corneil, Founder/CEO of Trainer Plus, provides information for fitness professionals about strategies to engage members and clients for fitness programming through mobile. 

The episode explores different ways you can package your services, from free options to in-person virtual training, in order to provide viable options for clients. With so many changes happening to both how people are consuming and engaging with content, in addition to the economic realities everyone is facing, it is important to have a variety of different options people can afford. 


1.) Provide practical ideas you can use to change the question of ‘if’ you can help someone to ‘how’ you can help them.  

2.) Provide a variety of options for anyone’s budget, fitness level and access to equipment so that you can help more people stay happy and healthy right now. 

This Podcast covers: 

  • Reviewing service options and pricing
  • How to package different free options with paid programming
  • How to get these new packages out to people and the new value proposition

To contact Nick, email nick@trainerpl.us or visit https://trainerpl.us 

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