Precor Debuts Smart Watch Connector For Apple Watch

Precor Debuts Smart Watch Connector For Apple Watch

Precor, continuing to deliver upon its mission to “help people live the lives they desire,” unveiled its latest innovation called the Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch.


The Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch is a cardio console product feature that integrates Apple GymKit technology connecting Precor cardio equipment to an exerciser’s Apple Watch. With Apple GymKit integration, speed and distance data is sent to the exercisers Apple Watch, and metrics from Apple Watch such as heart rate and calculated calorie expenditure is displayed on the P82 console. At any point during the workout, an exerciser can view these metrics on the large console screen.


This product solution allows the exerciser to receive accurate data and credit for the work that they put in on Precor cardio machines inside health clubs and facilities. Providing exercisers with a fuller picture of their wellness activities both inside and outside the fitness facility can lead to more substantial results when working toward individual fitness goals.


How does it work?


The Experience Design team at Precor developed the Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch which enables Apple Watch to connect with Precor consoles and integrate into exercisers’ established routines. Exercisers can simply tap their Apple Watch to the Smart Watch Connector on the console to confirm the connection, and they are ready to go. If an exerciser forgets to tap their Apple Watch to the console at the beginning of the workout, they can do so at any time during the workout and receive credit for all activity that occurred in that particular cardio session. When the workout ends, data from the equipment appears in the workout summary in the Activity app on Apple Watch and the Fitness app on iPhone.


Darrin Stock, Sr Product Marketing Manager, stated, ‘Exercisers are going to love that the Precor touch screen console shows the same metrics they see on their Apple Watch, so they can have real time, accurate and consistent measurements no matter where they train. Having accurate metrics from their Precor sessions is valuable so exercisers can track their performance overtime.”




The Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch is available across the 680, 780, 880 lines of Precor cardio equipment and can be retrofitted on in-market machines for an instant upgrade. This solution is currently available for Canadian and US commercial customers of Precor.

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