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Duonamic Eleviia Chin Up Set

Give the gift of fitness this holiday season! The Eleviia Chin Up Set is the first truly portable doorway exercise equipment built with versatility in mind. Ready to use out of the box with a specialized spiral spring that keeps it safely secured on your doorway. Loved by American Ninja warriors, climbers and fitness enthusiasts they are carry-on friendly and very easy to both install and use.


Available at Fitterfirst Inc., visit for more information.

Synca MC-J6950 Recovery/Massage Chair

Find out what other fitness facilities have discovered: Recovery zones provide added value to your fitness space! Get in on the hottest trend for 2024, increase revenue avenues and improve member retention. The MC J-6950 is hypoallergenic with easily wipeable surfaces, and has five settings from massage to Shiatsu that increase blood flow and circulation, restore over-worked muscles and lead to happier members!


For more information visit Matrix Fitness Canada or call 1-866-936-0006.

TPWOD Modular Storage Rack 6’ Width

TPWOD Modular Storage Rack 6’ Width

This versatile heavy-duty storage solution from Tonic Performance allows you to organize various functional training products such as Bumper Plates, hexagonal Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Medicine Balls. The solid steel construction is perfect for any commercial setting, providing safe access to all weighted products being stored. The compact design creates a space saving solution for any training area.


For more information visit



ROSSOPURO Is a new premium cardio fitness line by Panatta, designed and made in Italy. ROSSOPURO RUN is characterized by its compact design, 21.5” HD display, wide running surface (160 cm x58 cm) and a brand-new self-lubrication system that significantly saves on maintenance time and costs. The innovative user interface includes features such as the ‘activity pilot’ that follows the user during their workout, helping them to maintain a correct posture. The unit also incorporates two rear emergency lights for user safety.


For more information visit

Matrix Performance Elliptical with Touch Console

The premium design of Matrix Fitness Canada’s durable Performance Elliptical offers a dynamic exercise experience. Patented suspension design minimizes noise and friction to extend product life, while constant rate of acceleration and refined ergonomics make workouts ultra-smooth and comfortable. A removable disk streamlines service and maintenance, minimizing downtime. Contact Matrix Fitness Canada today to bring one to your club.


Visit for more information.

TRX YBELL® Pro Series

Optimize every workout. YBell Pro is the stackable, space-saving weight that can be used as a kettlebell, dumbbell, or push-up stand. Just switch your grip to “change” your equipment. Perfect for strength, HIIT, cardio, and more. Constructed of cast iron with commercial grade powder coating. Available in weights ranging from 4.5 kg (10 lbs) to 20 kg (44 lbs).


For more information visit

Freemotion i22.9 Incline Trainer

The iFIT-powered i22.9 Incline Trainer places your members’ fitness experience at the center of its design. With an expansive library of coach-led training options and live-streaming classes displayed on a 22 in / 55 cm HD touchscreen, the Incline Trainer provides a motivating, interactive, and engaging workout experience that gives participants the ability to build muscle and burn calories faster, with less perceived exertion.


For more information visit

Keiser M7i Wheelchair-Accessible Total Body Trainer

Using Keiser’s magnetic resistance technology, the M7i provides a smooth, quiet, stair climbing motion from a comfortable recumbent position. The foot plate supports the angular position of the foot through the full pedaling stroke. It articulates to minimize the change in ankle flexion as you pedal providing a more comfortable exercise. It also features an upper body resistance system for a low impact full body workout. Works with most mobility devices or a standard chair. Easily transportable and features the smallest footprint in its class.


For more information, visit

TRUE Palladium Series

A vision into the future, premium craftsmanship meets advanced biomechanics in TRUE’s Palladium Series. Advanced functionality, comfortable touchpoints, and precise ergonomics are all packaged in a modern design. Set your facility apart and provide users with an intuitive strength-training experience with the Palladium Series.


For more information visit Kinetic Solutions.


Made from 100% recycled rubber, STAMINA SportFloor from North West Rubber Ltd. provides superior value and multiple options for all or your Fitness requirements. Made with a non-porous surface, Stamina is engineered to help repel sweat and other liquids to minimize clean-up, odour, and maintenance. This allows for a cleaner, longer lasting floor that is designed to withstand heavy use for all types of arenas and fitness spaces.


For more information visit

SMARTfit Neuro-Cognitive Gym

Developed by industry experts and scientifically proven to produce fast results, SMARTfit engages players of all ages and abilities with comprehensive baseline tests of cognitive capabilities while moving, followed by turnkey programs to improve brain health and physical performance. It starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through highly engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly evolves into skilled action without conscious thought (automaticity). SMARTfit’s sensitized target displays naturally combines focus, decision-making and motor interaction into skills at any level.


For more information visit

SportsArt G660 Treadmill

SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ Elite line is the embodiment of design, technology, sustainability, and cardiovascular excellence. The sleek angles and practical features combine with state-of-the-art energy generating technology to produce an engaging workout users can feel good about. The G660 Treadmill features unique non-motorized technology and a smart braking system that delivers an intuitive and effective workout experience. Over its expected life cycle, the G660 has the potential to produce enough clean energy to offset more carbon than its certified footprint.


For more information visit

Atlantis Pendulum Squat Pro Model PW212

Atlantis Pendulum Squat Pro Model PW212

The Atlantis Pendulum Squat Pro features a pivoting design to provide greater smoothness and is virtually maintenance-free. A large non-skid adjustable footplate (angles from 34° to 47°) allows proper positioning for all users and is counterbalanced for lower starting resistance. The front pivoting handgrip ensures easy racking while the variable resistance design provides an optimal strength curve. Standard weight storage horns eliminate the need for separate weight trees.


For more information visit


Designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance muscle recovery and more, RelaxSpace Wellness Pods offer a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience for relaxation and mindfulness. RelaxSpace features travel & nature videos, scent infusion, meditation & breathing exercises, heart rate monitoring, heat therapy and self-improvement tips creating a personalized and rejuvenating 15-minute escape.


For more information visit

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