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The Antaris:Merchant Treasury

Antaris/MTS Club Management Software

The Antaris/Merchant Treasury Services software platform provides your facility with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for automating operations, including member and guest registration, personal and group training services, virtual and onsite classes, sports & rec programs, mass marketing, CRM events, billing and recovery, reporting, payroll and more. Now features a Digital Guest Pass solution which allows club operators to target members, former members and prospects with shareable, electronic guest passes that can be redeemed from a QR code on their phones.


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TS VersaClimber

The NEW TS VersaClimber is equipped with a WiFi / Bluetooth touch screen that enables exercisers to record and save workouts; view graphs of feet per minute, stroke length and strokes per minute; see total sessions completed, feet climbed, heart rate and average feet per minute; compete for rankings on leader boards; and share successes via social media. For studios and clubs that conduct small group training or group classes with VersaClimbers, the new models and Studio Package add a host of practical features. The climb pattern on the TS is “contra-lateral”.


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Polar Vantage M2

The Polar Vantage M2 multisport GPS watch is a combination of performance, functionality and athlete attitude. It offers users the guidance and data to help them get stronger with integrated essential smartwatch features to keep users connected. Polar Vantage M2 features offer wrist-based heart rate tracking, nightly recharge, daily training guides music control, phone notifications and much more. 


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Powered by Echelon, the SPINCO Podium is engineered for optimum comfort, smooth functionality and total immersion. Features include a rotatable 21.5” HD touchscreen, multi-adjustable aero handlebars, 32 levels of magnetic resistance, SPD compatible adjustable toe cage pedals, seat slide mounted dumbbell holders and more. SPINCO programming is professionally filmed in Toronto, with classes added weekly. A monthly subscription provides access to thousands of workout classes and scenic rides.


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Bradley Corp. Electronic Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser

The Bradley Corp. electronic touchless roll towel dispenser provides reliable touch-free activation and jam-free operation. This new design completes the important step of drying in the handwashing process, while simplifying maintenance and lowering operational costs in washrooms. Patented LiDAR sensors, which use a combination of light and radar, optimize battery life and eliminate false activations and starts and stops. The dispensers’ durability and reliability deliver long lasting performance.


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Endless Rope Trainer

To intensify functional training, the new Endless Rope Trainer from Torque Fitness incorporates the company’s innovative Mag Force Technology, facilitates bidirectional movements and features resistance that automatically increases with pulling speed. With a 1.25-inch diameter, the double-braided nylon and polyester rope wraps around patent-pending, pivoting, adjustable rollers that ensure practical performance at all pulling angles and directions, while minimizing rope flexion. The XERT is mountable onto many of Torque’s products and other manufacturers’ strength systems.  


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SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ Elite Series

SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ Elite Series features the same quality build and unique technology as the Status Line, while designed to be more compact for smaller fitness spaces. The equipment’s user-friendly consoles provide a streamlined approach to an engaging workout while also reducing facilities carbon footprints through SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ technology, which captures up to 74% of user-generated energy and converts it into renewable electricity to help power other items on the local grid and offset carbon emissions.

Konnectme 1 on 1 Strategy Session

No gym or fitness studio can survive on content that looks like it was slapped together without thought. Digital marketing agency konnectme offers a 1 on 1 strategy session to create a custom-tailored plan designed to generate more leads, sales and profits, including:


  1. Building a gym member keyword list
  2. Running a ranking report
  3. Reviewing your SEO, speed and linking
  4. Reviewing your website conversion
  5. A local internet marketing plan


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Your “personal yoga assistant”, this smart yoga mat gently guides users through their practice by delivering step by step instructions. The YogiFi can assess flexibility and calibrate itself to accommodate user limits. Connect with a virtual yoga instructor through your smart phone. Track strength, endurance, flexibility and balance for each practice and stay motivated to pursue goals with guidance from your electronic yoga companion.

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Life Fitness Heat Row

Performance rowing pushes exercisers to the limit. This powerfully designed rower challenges users with a focus on high-intensity athletic training. Resistance is provided by an air magnetic overlay, providing a wider range of resistance to accommodate beginner users to those seeking anaerobic bursts. The Heat Row features 100 resistance levels accessible from the catch position via a 300 degree knob as well as quick release ratchet foot straps.


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OpenHub™ by Core Health & Fitness

The OpenHub™ family of cardio consoles is a smart, affordable, configurable solution available on Star Trac® and StairMaster® cardio equipment. The flexibility of the console allows for additional features to be added at any point, so you can get and pay for what you want, when you want it. Features include an asset management system that allows club operators to wirelessly monitor all units in their facility, and multiple console options such as Bluetooth data tracking, digital watch connectivity, personal device streaming via HDMI port, personal fan and more.


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The FITBENCH STUDIO is an adjustable, portable bench that houses four sets of dumbbells, one slam ball, and three sets of FITBANDs to facilitate an endless variety of exercises, including step-ups and bench jumps, in an all-in-one, convenient, compact solution. Three wheels with 360-degree movement and locking feet provide additional versatility. In demand in clubs and studios worldwide, like Max Fitness in the Southeastern U.S., the FITBENCH STUDIO delivers a personal station for each exerciser.


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Uscreen Fitness Tracker

From having uninterrupted workouts to tracking personal stats, the Apple Watch Fitness Tracker creates a truly immersive experience by giving your customers full control of live and on-demand sessions.

The Uscreen #Fitness Tracker is for any online fitness business that wants to reach their audiences on their Apple Watches and provide a premium fitness experience for its users.


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InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer for Home Use


Now available in Canada, the InBody H20N is an advanced body composition analysis scale with Bluetooth and Smartphone App for Android and iOS. Measures your whole body with BIA technology and an 8-point tactile electrode method for accurate results with no estimations. Suitable for non-commercial use, the InBody H20N utilizes technology that is based on InBody professional devices used worldwide in medical, fitness and wellness applications.


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