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The SYNRGY180 training system saves space by doubling as a wall-adjacent accessory storage unit and functional training rig.  It’s designed for small group training—instructor led or not—to fit any exerciser’s fitness level or coach’s programming needs.  It’s a modular system that can be custom-configured as a simple single-bay training rig or expanded to be a full room multi-bay training rig with a variety of HIIT elements.


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Technogym Bench

The Technogym Bench is a functional training kit that enables users to perform a myriad of total body workouts. It combines elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat in a compact footprint. The integrated wheels make it easy to move and built-in spacers provide convenient storage options for dumbbells and elastic bands.


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SportsArt G260 ECO-POWR™ Rower

The G260 ECO-POWR™ Rower provides efficiency, usability, reliability, and sustainability—workout after workout. The electromagnetic braking system produces energy as you move and mimics the real-world feeling of rowing on the water. Wireless resistance adjustments give users complete control over their workout, fine-tuning their experience to their preferences. Biomechanically focused foot pedals rotate at the appropriate pivot point—maintaining comfort at the foot and ankle while minimizing stress on the plantar fascia.


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Everest Peak Electric Cryotherapy Chamber

The EVEREST PEAK electric cryotherapy chamber comes with its own app and touch screen kiosk to allow clients to personalize the time, intensity, LED light color, and immersive bluetooth music selections. With no nitrogen needed to produce ultra low temps, the EVEREST PEAK can run all day long with minimal electricity requirements. Each session produces a comfortable, enjoyable, and customizable, 30-40 degree skin temp drop in 2-3.5 minutes with true cryo temps of -166F+ (-110C).


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InBody BAND2

The InBody BAND2 is more than just a fitness tracker, the BAND2 utilizes an InBody Test to show you how your body is changing from the inside out. Measure your body fat, muscle mass, and body fat percentage anywhere, anytime. The BAND2 not only tracks users body composition but it also tracks heart rate, workouts, and sleep.


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Matrix Virtual Training Cycle

With the Matrix Virtual Training Cycle all the different people you serve can ride the way they want. A bright, crisp 22″ / 56 cm touchscreen with an app-based interface makes it easy to take on Matrix-exclusive programs. Integrated on-demand fitness apps let members access instructor-led classes, while popular entertainment apps let them enjoy streaming movies, shows and music, keeping them motivated to go for a new personal best.


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RedFit Workout & Recovery Room

RedFit™ is a Thermal Workout Room with infrared heaters, full spectrum ambient lights, RED ambient chromo-lights, natural Jade gemstones, and Himalayan Salt-Cave tiles. Crafted from premium Canadian Hemlock wood. The optional Oxygen generator refreshes enriched-air for pure oxygen room flow. Hyperthermic conditioning and active exercise complemented with passive heat sessions can improve your fitness, mobility, muscle toning and firming, weight management, mental acuity, and many other wellness benefits.


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InteractiveSQUASH is a game-changing fusion of sports and technology. Immersive projection graphics showcase exciting video-game-style play to transform the classic game of squash into a completely new sports experience. It greatly expands the function of conventional squash courts to a sophisticated digital training and coaching system for racquet sports.


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ANCORE Trainer

ANCORE is a first-of-its-kind cable trainer designed to provide a high-quality training experience without taking up space. Weighing in at 7 pounds and no bigger than a dumbbell, ANCORE packs a punch in a compact package. Fine-tune ANCORE to your training needs with easily adjustable resistance plates. Athletes and teams across the NHL have incorporated ANCORE into their training.


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SportsArt G886 Verso Cross Trainer

Verso offers a truly customizable, approachable, and engaging cross-training experience. Elliptical, stepper, and bike movements combined in one machine with intuitive controls. Users are able to electronically adapt movement paths, allowing them to choose among a wide variety of range of motions that fit them best. The Watts to Grid goal allows them to set their workout intensity based on how much they want to give back to the planet.


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ROXPro, your smart training assistant, is perfect for any sports, fitness or health professional utilizing one-on-one training sessions. The easy to set up wirelessly-connected pods, controlled via a free app (iOS and Android), use light, sound, vibration and technology to create sports-science backed training scenarios that develop cognitive-motor skills and boost engagement across all skill levels. Create interactive training experiences for results plus FUN! Train body and brain to improve your athlete’s reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance.


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