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True Fitness PLS-1400 Pendulum Squat

The True Fitness Plate Loaded PLS-1400 Pendulum Squat offers a unique pendulum-style movement that allows the user to achieve a complete range of motion while maintaining proper knee-to-ankle position. The PLS-1400 is part of the 14-piece Palladium Series, a durable, versatile Plate Loaded gym equipment line that combines modern styling and heavy-duty commercial construction with easy entry/exit designs and precision biomechanics.


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Mossa 3D30

Be on the cutting edge of training trends by delivering the revolutionary exercise science of Loaded Movement Training, using the ViPR PRO equipment to give HIIT classes a distinctive look and feel. With 3D30, you’ll offer unique HIIT cardio workouts that train the entire body, and the 30-minute design and versatile location options make it easy to schedule. This three-dimensional HIIT workout integrates strength, cardio, and mobility training to build an unbreakable body that performs like an athlete.


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Magnum MEGA Half Rack

Designed for training efficiency, the Magnum MEGA Half Rack provides an optimized solution to meet the demands of today’s strength coaches, athletes and trainers. An open-front design gives users freedom of movement and flexibility. A height indicator and a colored locking pin make bar-level changes quick and easy, and J-hooks made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) protect the bar knurling from scratches. Plus, the seven-gauge steel uprights and heavy-duty frames mean the Magnum MEGA Half Rack can handle your toughest users and the most rigorous workouts. Includes adjustable safety bars, dual straight chin bars, bar storage, band storage and weight storage.


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Echelon Strength Pro

One Machine – countless workouts. With cutting edge personalized digital training,  your members can access 100s of movements to build customized workouts featuring multiple lifting modes: Normal, Concentric, Eccentric, Progressive and Isokinetic; innovatively designed to help your customers reach their goals. Features instructor-led videos to motivate & perfect movements with regularly refreshed workout classes of varying lengths & types. Multi-plane adjustability both vertically and horizontally – interchangeable accessories included for workout variety.


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SMITH 3D Trainer™

The SMITH 3D Trainer™ (S3D) moves the way you move! Unlike traditional Smith machines that feature only a fixed linear range of motion (ROM), the S3D’s  primary advancement is a multi-directional ROM that mimics the natural travel path of an Olympic barbell. Synchronized safety catches enable self-spotting throughout the entire exercise, and pre-adjustment capability allows for perfect positioning before every lift. Transition effortlessly between exercises, building strength and muscle mass optimally, while significantly reducing the sound and vibration associated with excessive bar drops and re-racking of squat, deadlift, and bench press movements.


For more information visit Aktiv Solutions.


Aviron Strong Series Rower

The Strong Series Rower is a full commercial rowing machine designed to survive the usage and demand of busy fitness facilities. Features a 22” rotating HD touchscreen with speakers and front facing camera, dual air & magnetic resistance (up to 100lbs), accessible frame height, adjustable foot pad length and width, quiet commercial-grade nylon belt and premium reinforced aluminum construction. Train, play, stream or compete with a variety of connected options to keep members engaged.


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Relentless Ripper™ Ski Erg

New from Torque Fitness, the Relentless Ripper uses cutting-edge Mag-Force Technology™ with 10 levels of progressive magnetic resistance to provide a customizable and challenging workout experience suitable for athletes of all levels. The total-body, low-impact workouts engage multiple muscle groups and build stamina and strength without pounding impact. The LCD performance monitor serves as an instant motivator, tracking time, strokes per minute, watts, calories, distance, 500-meter split times and more. Mountable to racks, rigs and walls, this innovative workhorse offers multiple options for commercial facilities without incorporating a bulky frame, platform or footprint.


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Eleiko Prestera Cable Training System

Eleiko’s Prestera cable training system sets a new industry standard with its modularity, Swedish craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality. The collection comprises the Eleiko Dual Adjustable Pulley, Cable Cross, Single Adjustable Pulley, Lat Pull Down, and Low Row stations that can be used alone or as building blocks for customised multi-station configurations.


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G516 ECO-POWR™ Indoor Cycle

SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ Status line is the embodiment of design, technology, sustainability, and cardiovascular excellence. The sleek angles and premium features combine with state-of-the-art energy generating technology to produce an engaging workout that users can feel good about. The G516 Indoor Cycle features intuitive adjustment points, a clear LCD console to track workout metrics, and a color-changing LED display that indicates workout intensity.


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Pro Fitter Ski Trainer & 3D Cross Trainer

More than just a ski machine: Improve strength, core stability, and balance with the Pro Fitter 3D Ski Trainer & 3d Cross Trainer. Challenging, fun, and easy to learn, the Pro Fitter Trainer is used by athletes and medical experts worldwide to improve sports performance, rehabilitate injuries and increase overall quality of life. Pro Fitter allows for muscular stabilization, joint mobilization, and client motivation. Great for any fitness level and suitable for all ages, providing a low-impact workout that won’t tax your joints, helps reduce injuries, and increases performance and confidence.


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Power Plate® MOVE

Power Plate vibrates up to 50 times a second sending tiny vibrations through your body. These tiny micro vibrations activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, and assist muscle recovery. The MOVE’s columnless base has been designed to save as much space as possible without compromising performance, and the unit is light enough to be moved from room to room, but sturdy enough to support a full 300lbs. Whether you want to boost recovery with a relaxing massage or amplify a sweat-inducing workout, the MOVE is efficient and effective no matter how you choose to use it.


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Exxentric kBox

The kBox by Exxentric is a platform-based flywheel training device that allows users to stand atop and push against in order to perform multiple exercises (i.e. squat, hinge, row, etc.). Users push or pull a strap attached to a handle, bar, or belt that works against a rotating flywheel. Through variable resistance, the kBox creates loaded reps without sticking points, and allows users to train as light or heavy as desired by auto-adjusting to all levels of strength. With its versatility and portability, the kBox is suitable for different group training concepts such as HITT or circle training.


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Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair™

The Split-Pedal Stability Chair™ is a multifunctional Pilates machine that can be adjusted to train most muscle groups. This sturdy piece of equipment helps the exerciser achieve upper- and lower-body strength and conditioning, enhance stability and improve body control. Ideal for rehab clients or those who need to stay in a seated or upright position, helping to rebalance muscles while providing a full-body workout. The Pilates chair also facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


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Connexus Series

Now functional fitness is flexible. From the wall to the corner to the center of your training hub, from independent workouts to circuits to small group training — there’s no functional solution that’s out of reach. Explore the Connexus Series today to find a better fit for your place and your people.


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AssaultRunner Elite

The AssaultRunner Elite is crafted to meet the specific needs of professional athletes, home gym users, and commercial owners alike. Engineered to naturally mimic above-ground running, the AssaultRunner Elite allows athletes to test the limits of their training while also promoting proper running form & technique. The non-motorized design means that you are always in control of your speed, making this the perfect treadmill for runners of all skill levels.


For more information visit Assault Fitness.

InBody Body Composition Analyzers

Savvy fitness club operators and personal trainers see the benefits of having an accurate body composition analyzer in their facility. With InBody, fitness professionals can validate their services, improve client loyalty and boost revenue and retention by offering InBody tests and fitness challenges in their facilities. From the moment of intake to a fully motivated gym member, InBody devices help fitness professionals increase motivation, track the results, and improve people’s health, fitness, and sports performance. Enjoy your InBody device with no hidden monthly fees.


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Life Fitness SPARC

Life Fitness SPARC

Strength – Power – Accelerated – Resistance – Cardio. Lose fat. Build muscle. Gain strength. Increase metabolism. Improve power. SPARC does it all, more safely, because it’s biomechanically refined – providing exceptional results with low impact. SPARC’s intuitive “get on and go” design invites all users to simply choose incline and intensity levels, then reach their fitness goals in record time. Features 1-10 levels of brake resistance, incline levels of 0%, 6% and 12%, and 24” stride length.


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Technogym Skillup

Technogym Skillup

The new Technogym Skillup is designed to target the entire body, focusing on all upper muscle groups by simulating the athletic gesture of cross-country skiing. Skillup is equipped with unique differentiating features, among them the high-contrast display for monitoring performance metrics, with an intuitive and highly readable display of all parameters. The display is totally self-powered by user movement and requires no power consumption. For an immersive functional training experience, operators can incorporate Skillup into Teambeats, the digital group-training solution that helps users train easily without distractions, have fun and get better results faster.

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Duonamic Eleviia Chin Up Set

Give the gift of fitness this holiday season! The Eleviia Chin Up Set is the first truly portable doorway exercise equipment built with versatility in mind. Ready to use out of the box with a specialized spiral spring that keeps it safely secured on your doorway. Loved by American Ninja warriors, climbers and fitness enthusiasts they are carry-on friendly and very easy to both install and use.

Available at Fitterfirst Inc., visit the website for more information.

Synca MC-J6950 Recovery/Massage Chair

Find out what other fitness facilities have discovered: Recovery zones provide added value to your fitness space! Get in on the hottest trend for 2024, increase revenue avenues and improve member retention. The MC J-6950 is hypoallergenic with easily wipeable surfaces, and has five settings from massage to Shiatsu that increase blood flow and circulation, restore over-worked muscles and lead to happier members!


For more information visit Matrix Fitness Canada or call 1-866-936-0006.

TPWOD Modular Storage Rack 6’ Width

TPWOD Modular Storage Rack 6’ Width

This versatile heavy-duty storage solution from Tonic Performance allows you to organize various functional training products such as Bumper Plates, hexagonal Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Medicine Balls. The solid steel construction is perfect for any commercial setting, providing safe access to all weighted products being stored. The compact design creates a space saving solution for any training area.

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