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The Bowflex C6 bike is designed to accommodate various users of different sizes due to the adjustable handlebars and seat. The smooth quite ride makes for a comfortable at home indoor fitness bike. The C6 Bluetooth connects to various fitness apps through your smartphone or tablet providing users with endless training options. The bike also features 100 resistance levels with magnetic resistance, dual sided pedals (SPD clips or Toe Cages), 3lb. dumbbells, a heart rate armband monitor and more.

Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill

The Performance Plus Treadmill with the shock-absorbing Pure Stride Cushioning System™ and highefficiency Synchronous Response Drive System make even the most intense runs feel comfortable, solid and smooth. Aunique belt and drive combination lasts for up to 100,000 miles with an absolute minimum of maintenance and runs quieter than competitive slat-belt treadmills with significantly less vibrations. Available with 22” WiFi-enabled Touch XL console which features an app-based interface that mirrors familiar smartphone and tablet operating systems, making it easy for members to connect to the content that keeps them moving.

Merrithew V2 Max™ Series Reformers

Popular with health and fitness professionals, the V2 Max Reformer is designed for boutique studios, clubs and fitness facilities with dedicated space. This standard-height Pilates Reformer is very versatile and allows for easier transition between exercises, for efficient group and one-on-one training sessions. Suitable for all types of clients, including athletes, rehab recipients, the active aging, and regular fitness enthusiasts.


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ROXPro, your smart training assistant, is perfect for any sports, fitness or health professional utilizing one-on-one training sessions. The easy to set up wirelessly-connected pods, controlled via a free app (iOS and Android), use light, sound, vibration and technology to create sports-science backed training scenarios that develop cognitive-motor skills and boost engagement across all skill levels. Create interactive training experiences for results plus FUN! Train body and brain to improve your athlete’s reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance.


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The sturdy and versatile Nautilus Half Rack is built to accommodate a wide range of exercises, movements and users from beginner to professional athlete. The open-front design lets users move freely and allows for the use of a variety of benches. The optional SVA Platform and band pegs make it perfect for athletic training and Olympic style lifting, while the shorter 97” tower means it can fit into facilities with lower ceilings. The compact design and built-in plate storage make the Half Rack ideal for schools and personal training facilities as well as larger facilities.


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InBody BPBIO 750

The BPBIO 750 is an automatic, accurate, and user-friendly blood pressure monitor used by health, wellness and fitness professionals. Voice-guidance and a patented self-adjusting elbow sensor and cuff provide the ideal position for accurate results. With the touch of a button, examinees can self-test using either arm. Recommended by Hypertension Canada (Gold rating), the BPBIO 750 provides users with precise readings to help identify potential health risks and create effective treatment plans.


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Theragun PRO

Theragun uses QuiteForce Technology and Active Torque Control to provide deep muscle treatment with customizable speed. The Theragun PRO enhances muscle recovery, release stress and tension and soothe discomfort with the spears percussive therapy device. The unit connects to the Therabody app, which learns from the users unique behaviour integrating with Apple Health and Google Fit to recommend guided wellness routines.


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Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Glute Drive

The Plate-Loaded Glute Drive allows functional movement for posterior power, so users don’t have to rely on barbells, dumbbell benches, or other devices to perform the movement.

The Glute Drive offers easy entry and exit, two-sided loading, and band pegs for variable resistance. The round back pad offers ease of use and enhances the range of motion, while the large, angled foot platform offers increased stability.

Four weight rods provide ample storage, band peg attachments are integrated on both sides of the work arm, and a dual-loop strap accommodates users of varying sizes for a comfortable lift off.


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Life Fitness Axiom Series

Axiom series features a low-profile, modern tower design that allows for clear sight lines across the floor and can upgrade the appearance of any facility. Familiar biomechanics, easy machine setup and easy-to-read instructional placards with QR codes combine to make Axiom Series easy to use for any level of exerciser. Expertly engineered weight stacks, guide rods, pulleys and cables create a smooth feel for exercisers. Components are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards.


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The CardioCage is a 360 multi-sensory training system with light and sound stimulation. The CardioCage offers 100% customizable, sports and position specific programs. Training can be adjusted to fit your client needs and provide randomized training scenarios to create a focused, fun to do, real game scenario experience. Training options include vertical jumping, plyometrics, agility & speed, HIIT, multi-method training, individual/partner training and more.

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The Antaris:Merchant Treasury

Antaris/MTS Club Management Software

The Antaris/Merchant Treasury Services software platform provides your facility with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for automating operations, including member and guest registration, personal and group training services, virtual and onsite classes, sports & rec programs, mass marketing, CRM events, billing and recovery, reporting, payroll and more. Now features a Digital Guest Pass solution which allows club operators to target members, former members and prospects with shareable, electronic guest passes that can be redeemed from a QR code on their phones.


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InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer for Home Use


Now available in Canada, the InBody H20N is an advanced body composition analysis scale with Bluetooth and Smartphone App for Android and iOS. Measures your whole body with BIA technology and an 8-point tactile electrode method for accurate results with no estimations. Suitable for non-commercial use, the InBody H20N utilizes technology that is based on InBody professional devices used worldwide in medical, fitness and wellness applications.


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