SportsTech Company A-Champs Launches in Canada with Exclusive Canadian Distributor, A-ChampsCanada

SportsTech Company A-Champs Launches in Canada with Exclusive Canadian Distributor, A-ChampsCanada


A-Champs develops science-based, easy to use, engaging and fun smart technology for fitness and rehabilitation. Designed to get people of all ages moving, A-Champs products can be used at home, outdoors, in the gym, and clinic-based environments. Its products incorporate lights, sound and vibration to develop cognitive-motor skills and increase user engagement.


A-Champs’s innovative products are optimized for fitness, sports and physiotherapy applications and offer a wide range of training options:

ROX Pro: Smart Training and Rehab Assistant
ROX Pro uses light, sound and vibration to create randomized training scenarios and an interactive training environment. A mobile App allows users to create original routines and track their progress with real-time feedback, and includes an extensive video exercise library.


ROX Pro utilizes Multi-Sensory NeuroPlasticity training methodology (MSNP), a unique combination of multi-sensory stimulation, gamified elements and randomized variation. This combination exposes the athlete or patient to new training impulses and thus enables the preconditions for neuroplasticity.


ROX Pro develops cognitive-motor skills via visual and multi-sensory cues which help to improve reaction time, mobility, agility, speed, coordination, and more.

rox pro pods

I love that ROX Pro helps keep my patients engaged and having fun. By adding the ROX to rehab I get a better buy-in, and my patients want to come back for rehab instead of feeling like they have to come back.”

CardioCage: The only cage you never want to leave!


The CardioCage features ROX Pro mounted in a 360-degree multi-sensory training unit.  The cage is an adjustable and versatile cognitive sphere allowing for movement from the floor, overhead and climbing.

Training in the CardioCage is unlimited. Vertical jumps, plyometrics, agility & speed, HIIT, multi-method training, and individual/partner training are just a few of the many drills that your clients can participate in. A truly all-around experience for each and every user.



The AeroFloor is a controlled energy return technology that absorbs shock from exercise impact. It allows for multi-directional functional movement training, reduces impact stress on joints, and allows for quick movements. Additionally, the AeroFloor can be adjusted to create an unstable surface for balance training.

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