Survey finds Price is the Primary Reason for Cancelling a Gym Membership

Survey finds Price is the primary reason for Cancelling a Gym Membership

A recent US-based study by YouGov cited price as the most significant factor behind why members cancelled their gym memberships, with 41% of respondents indicating that gym fees were too high. Beyond financial concerns, changes in personal circumstances (25%), lack of time (23%), and the ability to achieve fitness goals independently (19%) also play substantial roles. Additionally, negative gym experiences, better fitness alternatives, gym closures, and inconvenient hours rounded out the list.


Key Reasons for Canceling Gym Memberships:
  1. High Costs: 41% of consumers find gym memberships too expensive.
  2. Personal Circumstances: 25% have lifestyle changes affecting their gym attendance.
  3. Time Constraints: 23% lack the time to commit to regular gym visits.
  4. Self-Sufficiency: 19% achieve their fitness goals independently without needing a gym.
  5. Negative Experiences: 14% have had unsatisfactory experiences at gyms.
  6. Better Alternatives: Many consumers find better or more convenient fitness options.
  7. Gym Closures: Some memberships are canceled due to the gym closing down.
  8. Inconvenient Hours: Gym hours that don’t align with personal schedules also play a role.


The survey did not provide data on how much members considered their fees to be ‘too expensive.’


For a more detailed look at the survey and its findings, read the full article here.

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